Well, a little frustrated at the moment...

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  3. Well, a little frustrated at the moment...

User Info: Retro_Squid

4 years ago#1
My day off just happened to coincide with the release of "The Infamy" today, so naturally, checking if it was available was the first thing I did this morning... (UK, by the way)

Only to find that it's available for 800fake money to everyone, but not yet available to Season Pass holders...


Obviously, this is only a minor frustration, but I just thought I would share my gripe :)

User Info: genepark

4 years ago#2
OK glad I'm not the only one who has that problem. Ugh. Didn't they say we'd get it sooner even?

User Info: Retro_Squid

4 years ago#3
I think it was only the first piece of DLC, the "Hidden Secrets Pack" that Season Pass holders gained access to a week early... Unfortunately... :/

User Info: CmdrXaan

4 years ago#4
This is so dumb. I'm ticked I don't get my money's worth when everyone else does
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User Info: Retro_Squid

4 years ago#5
*sigh* Still no sign of it for Season Pass holders...

User Info: KilKop

4 years ago#6
I'm pissed off, the people who paid for the SP should be able to get the dlc earlier than the rest or at least at the same time, we should not have to wait for it!

right now i think capcom is a better company than ubisoft

User Info: Melfice_rs

4 years ago#7
same here

well time to play some Crysis 3

Crysis? what Crysis?
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User Info: jimmyhill

4 years ago#8
Just got an email saying the dlc is available to season pass holders, went to check, nope, still not available

User Info: insertgamertag

4 years ago#9
glad i came on here first to see if the DLC is any good, i was going to just buy the season pass so get those 3 extra single player missions and couple of extra outfits too as a bonus to having paid for the 3 new episodes coming out

guess i just saved myself having this issue,yeah i thought anyone with season passes got any DLC included in season passes before the normal release dates, i never cared for multiplayer which is most of the DLC packs so far so didn't bother

remind me again what is point of season pass if its not cheaper or getting it before normal release dates, normally seasons passes are like pay for 2 packs get the third free this is just same price as normal 3 packs but here is few multiplayer costumes and pre-order missons that most people got for free in limited editions

User Info: ChamelionK

4 years ago#10
being the first game i ever bought a Season Pass for, there is something that confuses me.

i remember it saying that there was 25% off on something, but I can't remember if it's the Season Pass itself or if we get the DLC for 25% off. I mean, i see it in the marketplace for 800 ms but i haven't bought it, yet, in the hopes that I'd be able to get it free. but like everyone else here, I'm not getting it in the "Extras" content, jsut in the marketplace.
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  3. Well, a little frustrated at the moment...

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