As a fan is this worth it?

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User Info: Coontemptus

4 years ago#41
roguebot posted...
Sorry, but your "criticism" lacked any constructive element whatsoever. It amounted to nothing more than a personal attack on my intelligence. "Ad hominem" stands.

Hell, in your second post you suggested that people were lemmings, with no thoughts of their own on the matter, for holding a very negative opinion about Revelations. (Revelations, of all games? Seriously?)

Do you really think that's the way to enter civilized discussion? I doubt it.

Do you actually have trouble reading my perfectly legible posts? I doubt it.


Okay, look. If you want to believe that "what, where did I say I liked Revelations?" is a question that remotely implies you liked the game, by all means, believe it. It isn't true, but it doesn't affect my life at all.

The point was I stayed neutral on it. Not too bright, are ye?
Sic semper tyrannis

User Info: garcia_jx

4 years ago#42
It is worth the rent, most definitely.

User Info: y000012500

4 years ago#43
My opinion on Revelations is that I don't like it.
It just wasn't a good game. I have a few qualms about it:
1. It got rid of the double blade. I prefer the double blade in combat to the Hook Blade. (Greatly so)
2. It has terrible pacing. You can get 4 Star weapons as soon as you hit chapter 4 or so, and you can have all 5 star armor and weapons very shortly into 4. Meanwhile all the weapons and armor in the shops are like 2 star! Why would anyone even bother buying any of them?

And that's a good portion of why I don't like it. I mean, it's a pretty big deal when the character hit's his max halfway into the game. Beats AC3 I guess though, where every weapon is available from the start, and you just use the strongest sword the whole game.
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  3. As a fan is this worth it?

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