Worst DLC ever

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User Info: Icarusael

4 years ago#1
What were they thinking? Lol 10$ to try out the most useless skill ever created in AC. A freaking eagle. How can anyone think that the eagle is good or even fun to use after you tried the most usefull skill ever for an assassin which is invisibility? That eagle just never work when you try to kill someone with it. Actually, everything seems broken in this game...
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User Info: Asakura_Rei

4 years ago#2
Eagle worked fine for me.

Both for movement and for killing people. Never had a problem with it.

And the Eagle's main use is for travel. Being able to zip between buildings makes crossing Boston incredibly quick.

It also has other uses, such as being able to quickly get out of fights by moving up to a rooftop.

Or to teleport to enemies about to shoot you and kill them.

The Eagle can also be used out of Wolf, which was fun to find.

User Info: BlackOps06

4 years ago#3
Eagle is ridiculously good, and can be used in all sorts of ways (even can be used to kill enemies lining up to shoot you when there's not someone nearby to act as a human shield). And this episode of DLC was sure better than the last one.

User Info: wonderfulwino

4 years ago#4
Worst DLC ever? Don't be over dramatic.

User Info: SunDevil77

4 years ago#5
Worst DLC?

Apparently you weren't around to play dress up with your horsey in Oblivion ^_^
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User Info: Offworlder1

4 years ago#6
There are a lot of other much worse DLCs out there topic creator, be thankful you have yet to truly encounter a garbage DLC that you have to pay for.
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User Info: darkdawnee

4 years ago#7
I rather enjoyed this DLC. I hope this isn't a troll thread.
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