So I'm at the end of the game.....(HELP)

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User Info: DRzCalderon

4 years ago#1
In the present with the Necklace but was told that I need to find that from what I assume some power source to be able to proceed.

I did encounter that spiritual woman for a cutscene but now I can't get to her since she is in an upper area I do not know how to reach. It's basically right over the Animus.

May someone guide me to a video or just tell me in a detailed description on how to access that area above? I'm dying of boredom looking for a way up there.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#2
Just find a way around, did you inserted a power source to unlocking the new path?
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User Info: Pennywise380

4 years ago#3
Looking at the Animus from where you plugged in the first power source, a door should have opened to the left. A cutscene will have shown you this when you plugged the power source in.

When you plug in the second power source you'll be shown the next door opening immediately afterwards, so pay attention.
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  3. So I'm at the end of the game.....(HELP)

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