So, in the ending... (SPOILERS)

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User Info: ninjaman148

4 years ago#1
So did the world end? I mean Desmond touches the sphere thingy and dies?

What about Connor? Seems like he just vanishes and that's it, no closing on his part? He just buries the amulet in... Achilles' grave? And that's it?
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User Info: bobbyrk

4 years ago#2
No, the world didn't end.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#3
Desmond touched that sphere thingy and the world was protecting from Sun burst.

If he had not, they're burn into ash.
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User Info: Pennywise380

4 years ago#4
The world didn't end. Desmond died, but released Juno in the process. Minerva warned Desmond that if she escaped she'd enslave mankind, which she will presumably begin doing in AC4.

Connor has an epilogue after the credits. You may have missed it. He burns all the portraits of his targets and removes the hatchet from the doorpost at the manor, signifying that his personal war is over.

There's a couple of cutscenes you can trigger in New York and the frontier once you take control of Connor again, too.
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User Info: viper_3240

4 years ago#5
I feel like it would have been better if they let you pick the ending

User Info: jabbermouth3000

4 years ago#6
^ No not really, since they are still making games they need everybody to be on the sameage story wise
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User Info: fuzi11

4 years ago#7
viper_3240 posted...
I feel like it would have been better if they let you pick the ending

I would have gone with

Desmond the Leader
Desmond the Prophet
Desmond the GOD

as well, but alas, I think storywise it makes more sense to keep the world intact and have Juno as the new baddy
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  3. So, in the ending... (SPOILERS)

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