Multiplayer: How are people finding me the first guess after Morph?

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User Info: BluesSoul617

4 years ago#1
Five times in a row I've been killed this way with at least 3 look-a-likes. Other times I had 5 with Morph and they still kill me. When I use Morph/Blender, I make sure I don't hear whispers and I'm definitely out of sight. They would always kill me when they trigger a chase and they don't use any abilities like Wipe or Firecrackers. IIRC, triggering a chase doesn't reveal targets when they're not in high profile. Yes I'm in the blend group. Yes I'm not moving around in it. Yes every look-a-like has even space between each other including myself.
Blues Soul 617

User Info: Hagiel

4 years ago#2
They use obstacles.

Example: you are in a moving groop with three look-a-likes and walk in the middle of them. While going around a corner an observant persuer can see, that you cannot be the first person turning around the corner because the line of sight indicator is still glowing. Then you pass around the corner, the line of sight indicator stops glowing, but there are still 2 look-a-likes who aren't around the corner.

So your persuer knows you are the second one from the front.
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User Info: Pennywise380

4 years ago#3
Players usually position themselves in the middle of a group, too, so a lot of pursuers just assume that's where you'll be and are often correct.

Here's a tip: try to position yourself right at the front and make it look like you're leading the group. It's the least likely position to find a player in.
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User Info: billygoten

4 years ago#4
There are 2 most likely ways they spotted you, out of a possible 4 (roughly) ways to tell who you are in the group (without abilities).

1 - Line of Sight - the same as obstacles as already mentioned and most likely.

2 - Distance Appear - when approaching from a long distance with line of sight the entire way down, player character models appear slightly earlier than NPCs. This is fairly rare, but if they come at you from really far away (so far away that the game hasn't generated your model even though there would be line of sight on you), the game will do this. Most players don't know this, but good players do.

3 - Movement (you gave yourself away) - Trying to lead the group is a good tip if you think you can pull it off, because leader is the one position you can't get in a moving group naturally, but you have to be pretty comfortable with how NPCs move and where because if you're leading a group and you're fast-walking, you're probably gonna be spotted by a good player instantly. Line of sight could even apply here too and make it pretty easy to tell. Player models also move slightly differently than NPCs which makes not just letting go of the stick in a group risky. But it's also risky to let go due to...

4 - Positioning - the flip side of movement. Sometimes you can tell which one a player is more likely to be just from their position in a group. It's actually more common to be in spot 4 or 5 in a moving group (one of the back two) than the middle (you can only take over a spot in a moving group that is vacant, and spots 4 and 5 are vacant more often), but the chances for being in spot 2 and 3 seem to be greater in AC3 and it does happen. In stationary groups, start actively picking good spots because sometimes you can tell which one a player is in the group just because the rest of the NPCs tend to be balanced in their positions.

With Blender, I very often soft shove (hold B) an NPC on a bench and steal their spot if it's full, or I will enter a stationary group and shove my copy out of his position and steal it, which will result either in the NPC moving right up next to you (which makes line of sight harder to get right) or leaving the group... yeah, that one's bad. In any event, I advocate standing RIGHT beside your double in a stationary group. It makes line of sight tougher and at least often gives you more time to spot your pursuer.

Morph takes the ball and just puts it in the pursuer's court. That's not super terrible because a lot of abilities do that (Blender, Bodyguard once activated, Decoy, etc.), but the problem is that while these abilities can work on anybody, these abilities will work far less often on the better players, and is way more likely to fail if a player has made a mental note that YOU like to use it. I don't use Morph personally because I wouldn't use it against me whereas I get duped by Decoy a little more often (the best practice for Decoy is either to use it right when you hear whispers or to wait until the pursuer is coming in for the kill and hitting it right before stun range so they are thrown off by the sudden blue lock on tag and movement then taking the stun).

Better than even both of those for tricky defense and lures is Blender + Disguise. Disguise is hands down the best "tricky" hiding ability. It won't work if you're out in the open against anyone decent. It won't work if you've given yourself away by running from a distance and then hide or hit it. It won't work even in perfect conditions sometimes against the best players (and the very best will purposefully wait around to see if the effect ends if they have no pressure and know something is fishy), but it eats lures on scrubs all day long and in my experience will get the better players more often than Morph.
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User Info: Xbox-36O

4 years ago#5
i could be wrong but i think the game gives you a BIT of an automatic attraction to the nearest actual player, as if because it assumes that's the one you meant to attack. because: my method when seeing two or more of the target is to just run into the group like an @$$ while mashing X, and, much more often than not, it feels like it automatically gives me the correct person, even thought i had no idea who i was even aiming for
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User Info: HakeemTheDream

4 years ago#6
Above poster is correct as there is a slight aim assist in this game. Other posters have pretty much covered why morph isnt working for you so I won't go into detail.
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