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Where do you want the AC series to go, settings wise?

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  3. Where do you want the AC series to go, settings wise?

User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
4 years ago#1
With AC4 being about piracy and the Caribbean, I would like AC5 to be a western, kind of finishing off a 'New World' trilogy.

Mexico/Texas border lands would be perfect and there's plenty of notorious characters and events that they could work into it; The Mexican/American war and then the Glanton Gang, and what they got up to, would be perfect. Pinkertons too, especially as their logo used to be an Illuminati-esque eye.

Obviously, I'm getting far ahead now, but I'd like to see some 'modern' AC games. Industrial Revolution England, with Karl Marx and Engels as Assassins and Manchester and London as locations. Maybe something set during the prohibition and depression periods in America.
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User Info: TheChrisRichter

4 years ago#2
That would be too much Red Dead Redemption.
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User Info: IlluminatusCU

3 years ago#3
TheChrisRichter posted...
That would be too much Red Dead Redemption.

I agree, I think that would be a hard sell.

I think the Russian Revolution could make for a good setting.
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User Info: TheChrisRichter

3 years ago#4
I say this because these games focus on the hand to hand combat from these times. If you go even just a bit further in the time frame you are looking at guns, and rapid fire guns which to me would take the fun out of the stealth part of the game.

I always figured up until this game that one day we would get a full game with Desmond and just him against the Templars. Then I realized we have like 50 games just like that lol. 1800's would be okay anything past that they would have to change a lot of the mechanics, at least that's the way I see it.
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User Info: SRR Capdown

SRR Capdown
3 years ago#5
The setting would make it similar, of course, but no more so than any other borderlands western. The Glanton Gang stuff is fascinating and would fit really well in the themes of the series. Glanton was an American soldier during the Mexican-American war, who was eventually hired by Mexico to hunt and scalp Apaches, but eventually just started sacking towns and scalping anyone with dark hair.

The tone and story is completely different to RDR, not to mention it's set about 60 years before hand.

I don't think guns would be too much of a problem though. Say you have a guy with a Tommy gun, they could easily do the flashing yellow warning and if you hit counter you just scramble out of the way. You could have new devices to help counter guns, increase the stealth elements etc.

Russian Revolution would be cool though. Rasputin is a fascinating historical character. Wasn't he included in some if the AC2 hidden puzzle things?
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User Info: TheChrisRichter

3 years ago#6
The Mexican American War would sadly eliminate large towns with tall buildings, thus no climbing.
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User Info: RugterWyper32

3 years ago#7
I have many setting-related ideas. So long post ahead.

For Europe, first idea that comes to mind is the Dutch Revolt followed by the Thirty Years' War. So much potential there, and the Thirty Years' War is historically relevant enough. I think that'd make for an amazing game. Then we have Moorish Spain and Portugal, probably could even extend the game to Morocco if done right. Set at the right time, we could have a culture clash (Lisbon as a city right after being retaken would be cool, and we'd have a big cultural clash there). Then there's France during the 100 Years War or the French Revolution. And then either Tudor England or Victorian England, but leaning more for Tudor era. That'd be very interesting.

For Africa, I'd say the Rozwi Empire in Zimbabwe could prove to be interesting. Places like Great Zimbabwe, Danamombe, Khami and Mapungubwe could be interesting locations. An Egypt based game could be very interesting, Byzantine Egypt I think would be the best choice.

As for Asia, not /as/ ancient, but the Khmer Empire (now Cambodia) could be interesting. The Sukhotai kingdom in Thailand, too. People talk a lot about Japan, Meiji Restoration Japan sounds like the one choice I'd make if they went there. Persia during the Achaemenid Empire would be great, too. Locations like Babylon and Persepolis would be nothing short of amazing.

Then we have the Americas. I'd say something set during the classical period of the Maya ( should give an idea) or the Inca Empire. Can you imagine Machu Pichu, Ollantaytambo and pre-Colonial Cusco? It would be impressive to see. For instance, about Cusco, Francisco Pizzaro had this to say: "We can assure your majesty that it is so beautiful and has such fine buildings that it would even be remarkable in Spain." We also have the Nazca Lines there, which could be connected to TWCB easily. The Maya are also an easy connection.
There's also colonial South America during its wars of independence, which could bring that in too.
And there's also the American Civil War, which could be interesting if done right, but I wouldn't like seeing it any time soon, but it could have potential. It's really last resort, though, pretty much every other setting I put here I'd prefer over it.
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User Info: barrysshoes

3 years ago#8

User Info: Samaellives91

3 years ago#9
France in the 100 years war would be cool playing as three generations of the same family as they take out figures like Henry 'Hotspur' Percy, Gilles De Rais, Arthur De Ritchmont.

I personally would like a game set during the Trojan War.
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User Info: sweatyben

3 years ago#10
I have to echo what TheChrisRichter said about the Mexican American War being a poor choice because of the lack of tall buildings to parkour on. The AC series was at its best in Renaissance Italy because of the beautiful historical environment to interact with (complete with amazing monumental architecture that is still intact today). On paper, the American Revolution in AC3 seemed like it could be fun, but I think it struggled at least in part because that period was defined more by events than the environment itself, and storytelling is not one of the the AC series' strong suits. To be successful, the series really needs settings defined by an impressive physical environment as much as the conflict taking place there.

I'd personally love to see an AC game set in the 1893 Chicago World's Fair. There's some excellent architecture to climb there (including some early skyscrapers). The World's Fair also emerged as the symbol for American Exceptionalism, which could play well into the whole Templar storyline. I realize this might be hard to market (on the surface it doesn't sound as cool as AC with PIRATES), but I think it would make for a fun gameplay experience.
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  3. Where do you want the AC series to go, settings wise?

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