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User Info: RedRaven80

4 years ago#1
I just started playing this and does the shooting get any better? the whole action in the game seems off.

you'll be holding a pistol at your side then you line up a reticle with the enemy. why can't you just ADS?
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User Info: bobbyrk

4 years ago#2

You don't have to line up a reticle at all. If you've got a ranged weapon selected, just tap the Y button and you'll shoot if there's a highlighted target.
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User Info: FredCat07

4 years ago#3
bobbyrk posted...
ADS? On my first guess...

If not, then;

Your choice.
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User Info: NL_DeeF

4 years ago#4
Aim Down Sights, and I agree with TC that the whole gun handling feels a bit off, I don't understand why they didn't just give it the same handling as the bow which feels a lot more natural to use.

User Info: Pennywise380

4 years ago#5
It has exactly the same handling as the bow. Tap Y to fire, hold Y down for a more accurate shot. That's probably why it feels awkward. Bows and guns are operated in very different ways in real life - a control scheme that feels natural for a bow is going to feel very unnatural for a gun.
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User Info: RedRaven80

4 years ago#7
yes I meant Aim Down Sights. it just takes time to get use to it, but they still handled the shooting a little odd.
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