Been playing this game for 3 hours now, STILL can't defeat a 10 boss!!!

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User Info: lordgoro

6 years ago#1
I tried the farming strategy, leaving lower level enemies barely alive, but when I heal via uncovering tiles, they heal as well!!! Been trying all different character types, yet still can't defeat even one boss!! Any suggestions?
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User Info: PlasmicReaction

6 years ago#2

Neither can I! I just downloaded this game because it won an award at the GDC, but I have no clue how to beat it, and still am not sure if it's even possible!!! If it is possible, this game sure requires some insane strategy!!!

User Info: flyno20

6 years ago#3
I've beat it twice, with a human-fighter and human-theif. After I play it a little more, maybe I'll write up a general strategy post of what I do. For the most part, I just kill what I can, then explore and get hp, then kill more. Both times i was with the mother nature worship thing, I think that really helped.

User Info: rayzacuts

6 years ago#4
so far ive beaten the whole fighter tree, the theif, the priest, the whole wizard tree, the trasmuter (first unlockable class) and ive beaten the snake pit and library. i have to agree that it all depends on which monsters are placed in the dungeon. note that the race to the far right is orc which gets xp from the glyphs.

i am having the most trouble with the rogue and monk. ive noticed that the xp you gain is dependant on the lvl of the monster you kill IE: lvl 1 monster = 1xp, lvl 5 monster = 5xp.

lets all put everything we know together and make a faq.

User Info: rayzacuts

6 years ago#5
here's a rundown of races and character that i've unlocked thus far:

Skill - converts glyphs to atk bonus

Skill - converts glyphs to mana bonus

skill - converts glyphs to max health bonus (+1) [do you get more health if you're at a high level?]

skill - converts glyphs to health pots

skill - converts glyphs to mana pots

?: beat the crypt with any character

orc: beat the libray with any character
skill - converts glyphs to xp (+5)


Fighter: start with
skill- +1 xp per kill, see location of same level monsters, survive first killing blow

berserker: beat the dungeon with the fighter
skill - +30% dmg vs. higher lvl monsters, +50% magic resist, mageslay (skills coast +2 mana, +30% attack)

Warlord: beat the dungeon with the berserker
skill - starts with sidestep glyph (havent seen it though), +30% dmg when health is below half, drinking mana pots cause next atk to do 30% more dmg.

Theif: start with
skill - your first akt vs a monster does 30% more dmg, +33% more items on map, pots resotre both health and mana

rogue: beat the dungeon with theif
skill - first strike, monsters miss you 20% of the time, -5 health per lvl, +50% dmg

priest: start with
skill - +2 health per level, health pots 100% effective, +200% dmg to undead

monk: beat dungeon with priest
skill - atk reduced by 50%, +50% magic and physical resist, health regen doubled (+2 for uncovering dungeon square)

?: beat dungeon with monk
skill -

wizard: start with
skill - see location of all glyphs, skills cost 1 less mana, -25% atk, +1 glyph per map, +1 glyph slot

sorcerer: beat dungeon with wizard
skill - every magic point spent regenerates 2 health, +5 mana, mana shield (deal 1 dmg per lvl when a monster his you)

bloodmage: beat the dungeon with sorcer
skill - starts with bludtopwa glyph (rather than getting health for uncovering square grants 2x mana regen), health reduced by 6 per lvl, mana pots 100% effective, recover 15% max health from blood pools, NOTE: using mana pots damages you.

transmuter: beat the library with any char.
skill - start with endiswal glyph, recover health from wall blasting (+2 per blast), no natural health regen, endiswal cost 1 mana.

?: beat the factory with a wizard to unlock

?: beat the factory with any char

?: beat the snake pit with monk

?: beat the library with warlord

?: beat the crypt with assassin

User Info: 10k_fists

6 years ago#6
Don't know if this is common knowledge but, that spell that lets you uncover three random spots on the board doesn't cost mana. Because every spot uncovered restores your mana + health. So it's free health and mana.

This could be for certain classes though.

Also, when I got to the (10) boss, I had about four health and mana potions so I used the fire spell until I had run out of mana potions and then just attacked, using a health potion after each hit. I was level 8 at the time and a thief.
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User Info: BonnabinTheDire

6 years ago#7
More luck than strategy.
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  3. Been playing this game for 3 hours now, STILL can't defeat a 10 boss!!!

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