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Snake pit, Library, Crypt, Factory, and Boss Hive with all the classes, the Lothlorien mode, and my gauntlet level is 15

All in the alpha version of the game.

User Info: Wild_Mantine

5 years ago#2
Boss Hive with all the classes... not looking forward to that at all.

Shame this board isn't very active. Such a good game. My progress thus far;

All classes and races unlocked except for Changeling.

Snake Pit-13
Crypt- 8
Library- 11
Factory- 4

Boss Hive- 3

Haven't messed around much with Gauntlet or Lothlorien yet. Still a ways to go, but I've come a long way. It's kind of funny how much better you notice yourself getting at the game once you stick with it.
i am buttered toast 5 years ago#3
Lothlorien was a blast IMO. You should give it a shot, the pressure of winning 3 dungeons in a row adds a lot of challenge.

Have you tried boss hive with a rouge? When I was playing it the vampires were killing my rouge instantly with life steal unless I had cydstepp or had bought a hp increasing item.

Ranking the special dungeons from easiest to hardest IMO would be:
4. Library - Nothing gives statuses or has any special defenses, Imps are easy fodder
3. Snake Pit - Probably the easiest bosses of any special, but the Serpents are annoying and Naga even more so
2. Crypt - *tries to refill HP to get ready for boss battle* *LIFE STEAL* FUUUUUUUUU, Both bosses are tricky too
1. Factory - Super Meat Man has a billion HP, and the Iron Man laughs at magic attacks. High level Animated Armour are alomst never worth killing unless they're found early and you have that fireball spell.

Still not sure if I want to get the pay version of this or not.

User Info: darglor

5 years ago#4
I didn't like Lothlorien specifically because it felt like you *had* to luck out in some way to win. If you don't get a good shop/decent god/cydestepp, there's no way to beat that third level...

I'd have to check where I was up to, but I beat the boss hive with everyone. I think I was up to 19 or so in the gauntlet and I kind of got bored with it because it started needing preparation (as in maxing out gold before trying a "real" attempt at beating it). I also couldn't manage with anyone but the vampire and the monk at that point.

User Info: darglor

5 years ago#5
Scratch that... I'm actually on 21 in the dungeon. Just got home and checked. Now that I did, I do remember being kinda proud that that essentially means that every monster had x2 damage and health...
i am buttered toast 5 years ago#6
I quit playing at 21 too, for exactly the same reason. Although for the last few levels I used the very cheap tactic of:
Transmuter + Binlor Ironshield
Zap walls at 1MP cost each for easy piety
Get Hardness and Heroics
Fight the boss and only the boss

The few levels before using the Transmuter I was using the Monk mostly, for obvious reasons.

My favorite character is the Sorcerer, but as you know, after a while in the gauntlet most characters become pretty useless.

User Info: philamike

5 years ago#7
I just started playing this game a day or two ago, the alpha build. I've only won in the normal dungeon with the tier 1 classes, the rogue, and the assassin. It's not much for now, but it's a start, haha.
You don't have time to ponder such questions, as Bruce Willis has just grabbed a jet plane.
i am buttered toast 5 years ago#8
It's a start, you learn more and more and it becomes easier as you go.

User Info: philamike

5 years ago#9
I've just finishing beating normal with the 12 starting classes on the left. I'm not finding much use for the alters/gods though. It's usually best if I just ignore them, except to get an occasional free health refill from the glowing guardian.
You don't have time to ponder such questions, as Bruce Willis has just grabbed a jet plane.

User Info: darglor

5 years ago#10
A few of the gods are worthwhile... Of course this is only my opinion but:

- Binlor was only good for a Transmuter, where he's ridiculously good.
- Jehora can be a necessity for certain things... his Polymorph is one of the very few ways you can beat the last level of Llothlorien, for example.
- Glowing Guardian is pretty much useful as a free heal (or 2 or a zombie dog)
- Mystera Annur if I remember right I only used with one or two of the mage classes. Sometimes it was good to join her at the very end, after using up all my HP potions... just to make the mana potions worth more while using fireball on the boss. There's a bug with her too though. If you worship her + IMAWAL the boss, it'll fail, cost you no mana and give you piety so you can get all of her bonuses really early.
- Taurog I very rarely used. Even as a berserker, I still like the option of using spells. Would sometimes pick him up very late in a level if there was no better option and the Fury would be enough to let me win.
- Pactmaker is never a bad choice. I usually waited until I had explored 50 spaces before picking him up in order to get 5 starting piety, which makes it possible to get Learning 2 levels later instead of 3. Could then get either health or mana (or if the math makes it better, the exp to level up & get a free heal while taking down the boss)

I pretty much never used Dracul, Tikki Tooki or the Earthmother though. Dracul's fake +1level hurts too much and I couldn't find a use for the other 2.
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