Remains of the Damned (Jungle side mission)

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User Info: cess419

6 years ago#1
I was running pretty randomly around the jungle and came across a lady at an altar. She gave me a mission to find 4 skulls from the Ghost Village. I've found 3 of them but can't find the 4th for some reason.

I've gotten the ones from a small altar just outside the village walls, one in the middle in some water and one up around a tree not far from the last one I found. Anyone know where the one I'm missing is?

The directions showed up on my map for a few seconds, then disappeared and haven't come back. I've tried resetting the console and traveling to a different zone but it never shows up.

User Info: Rutgerhauer

6 years ago#2
I am on the same quest, came here looking for help on finding the fourth skull. They all seem to be by fire. I found one near the altar guarded by the thug that is on fire. Another one up in the tree and one in the middle of ghost town in the water.

The only other place I see fire is on a small pole as you enter ghost town but there is no skull on it. Has anyone found the fourth skull yet, and if so where is it.

User Info: PhoenixAssassin

6 years ago#3
Are they colored skulls? I don't have the quest but I randomly found an orange skull. It was a skull colored orange and the name of it when I looked at it was "orange skull" are they all different colors?

I think I found that one on a crate in afran's base. Don't remember where exactly
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User Info: Squirrels357

6 years ago#4
That it?
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User Info: Rutgerhauer

6 years ago#5
No it is a quest in the jungle where someone wants you to get 4 skulls in ghost town. I just came back here because I found the last one by myself.

For the topic creator, if you still haven't found the last skull. Inside ghost town there are two big trees. One big tree had a skull on it, but the other is next to a glowing red house, search along side that glowing red house until you see a torch. Look around here because there is a entrance to get inside where that torch is, and you will find the last skull inside.
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