Any nudity or split screen?

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User Info: Farbrorblau

6 years ago#11

Cant understand that people still in this day and age feel that smashing someones head in with a leadpipe and then stomping it to a bloody pulp is nothing special but if they throw in a set nice firm breasts (they ARE normal, even your mother has a pair of them) everyone goes berserk. I like nudity and sex in games as long as it has something to do with the scene ingame. Hate games that show a leangthy sex scene but the female actor keeps her bra on (i know i would have kicked the girl out of my bedroom if she didnt even remove her bra for the sexact).

I blame religeon.

User Info: L00zerface

6 years ago#12
Technically if there is nudity there will be a split on your screen...

Bu Dum Tsh

User Info: kriztofer

6 years ago#13
asking if there is nudity is clearly wanting it.
c'mon we see through the smoke
tc is a perv

User Info: zombiespy010

6 years ago#14
Heavenlysheol posted...
Violence works well in this context. Nudity would not make as much sense and is usually put in for no particular reason.

They're on a lush jungle filled don't think there'd be crazy kids on spring break that were zombiefied? Or that the bikinis some wear would eventually be torn away? This is one game where nudity does make sense.

I don't know why people are so afraid of nudity in video games...I mean, if you throw naked men and women in just for the hell of it (Duke Nukem Forever) it's not really necessary...However, if it's done tastefully and the game isn't set up to make a big deal of it (close ups on naked zombies, comments by the character about them) then I think nudity is fine.
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User Info: SMT_Masochist

6 years ago#15
Best topic title ever!!!

I can't help but smile thinking you were a massive pervert until I read your actual post.
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User Info: up_evil

6 years ago#16
Tastefully nude yet slowly decomposing corpses, mmmmm I'm getting a stiffie already!

Here's for all you necros in the house:

For group fun:

This babe is on the ground for some ground & pound fun:
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User Info: zooknut

6 years ago#17
lol why would you think there would be nudity in a zombie slaughter game?

User Info: Henk_m

6 years ago#18
Even Resident Evil had nudity, well decompossing zombies but still fully nude.

In Resident evil Remake I think it was or maybe Code veronica one can see a dead nude women in a body bag not really detailed bu still.

But one thing people obviously missed in RE 3 go to police station I think its in a corridor just before Nemesis smash through the wall.

There is a Zombie hooker,its pretty uniqe modell cus while RE3 has the largest varity of zombies still in a RE,that hooker only appeared once and in the RPD, take closer look next time you play RE3 for some pixilated nip-slip:)
So no matter what one think of nudity and sex in video games its still exist and probably here to stay.

Dead Rising Zombie chicks heck alway seems to go for Franks nether regions sometimes it looks like they are going for a blow while playing that games.

Shadow of the damned horror/action comedy had a giant topless babe which one walked on.

F.e.a.r 2 you get raped by a decompossing ghost chick.

Not to talk about God of War series however not my type of genre only played first one,prefer horror games.

Nudity does not bother me that much whetever its there for humor,realistic or just nonsens.

But as I said in my first post here Dead Island does not seem to have any just bikinis etc so TC dont need to worry.

But as other said here aswell would not be unrealistic to have it in ethier, I mean how many tourist does one not see sunbathing nude oe topless in tropical places like this one or hot places in general only need to visit Spain as an example.
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User Info: veryhappyman

6 years ago#19
there will be bikini wearing zombies and at most they might have topless zombies but i doubt there will be fully naked zombies.

also who cares if there are naked zombies or humans or whatever.
damn just look on t.v and theres t.v shows and movies on all the time that have nudity in it. but nudity in games is a no no right cause games are only for children.

if your worried about nudity don't buy the game sorry. it is on an island so who knows what nudity might be in the game.

also nudity is becoming less and less rare in games.
so if you got a problem with nudity wait for a few more years where they probably have sex in more games too which they will eventually probably start showing.

more and more companies are starting to try and push boundaries and i think its great.
im a person who never gets offended by most things so i say bring it on
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User Info: Hoffy_

6 years ago#20
Here's the ESRB rating:
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