Best blunt weapon for sam b?

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User Info: vbdude96

6 years ago#1
what's the best not including gabriel's sledge. too slow for me in the jungle
"War is hell."-Sherman

User Info: TOO_BAD_FOR_U

6 years ago#2
Kanabo with lightning mod, or weighted if possible.
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User Info: vbdude96

6 years ago#3
does it have a faster swing speed than a sledge?
"War is hell."-Sherman

User Info: SLeePWaLKR

6 years ago#4
Gabriel's Tesla Sledgehammer.

User Info: xenmind

6 years ago#5
Teslamod ? Where do you find that?
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User Info: slickutica

6 years ago#6
psn name Dr_ROCKSO

User Info: skylinefreek

6 years ago#7
SLeePWaLKR posted...
Gabriel's Tesla Sledgehammer.

+1 it may be slow but aim for the head and time the shots and trust me youll send them flying, ripper bats are cool too, that is if you could ever find a orange named bat
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User Info: jonybeans13

6 years ago#8
i use mostly maces, cudgels, and bats. i dont use much 2 handed weapons. gabriels sledge was mad weak compared to some maces i found. i put the highest electricity mod on the maces/cudgels. and the ripper mod for bats if its a metal bat i use the saw blades. when you get the pic of destiny thats a pretty beast 2 handed.
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User Info: vbdude96

6 years ago#9
awesome thanks. so bats, tonfas, maces
"War is hell."-Sherman

User Info: whydrewk

6 years ago#10
I completed a mission and received a lvl20ish disabling mace. I upgraded it and it is easily my go to weapon when I need a pile of kills. I think I'm level 26, on my first playthrough. It's not the only weapon I use, but when I'm overwhelmed it's my go-to-guy. It seems like every time I swing it I hear the cracking of bones or see the splattering of skulls. It's actually pretty durable, but the cost of repairing it can get pricey.
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