Alchemy - Skills potions?

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User Info: Slash_out

5 years ago#1
So I am wondering if alchemy is the same as it was in previous Gothic/Risen, as in it allows to turn Graveroots, Jester's Cap and the like as skill potions to improve our stats even more?

I just noticed that I have been eating them as is :s (forgot my old habits), was that a waste, and would I gave been able to turn them into skill potions for a bigger permanent skill bonus?
Alchemy is a Voodoo related tradeskill? So I'm thinking for balance it might not allow those potions (or it would be unfair for those choosing the inquisition instead of the savages), but I just want to be sure.

User Info: Bigj089

5 years ago#2
There are not any permanent skill potions that Ive noticed but they start to give decent boosts once you get your skill up to make them, although its a short duration.
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User Info: unbalancedego

5 years ago#3
There are recipes that turns those plants into potions. So far I only found ones that uses jesters cap and graveroot. (shaganumbi tribe and maracai tribe respectively) Im sure there are ones for the others but I have yet to com across them. they become +2 instead of +1 as a potion.

On a side note, the jesters cap one seem to be bugged. the recipe will use up your ingredients but it will not yield any potions.

Im not sure if you can still get them if you went with inquisition tho. Having way too much fun with voodoo :D
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  3. Alchemy - Skills potions?

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