How "Piratey" is it?

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  3. How "Piratey" is it?

User Info: alisavage3

6 years ago#1
Can you fish, sail your ship, sea battles, boarding merchant vessels, pillaging and looting??? These are the questions people ;-)

User Info: KingLS

6 years ago#2
How should anyone know? There's barely any information on this game.

User Info: theBridgeburner

6 years ago#3
More like Mass Effect... choose a destination and your ship goes there. Not very "piratey" at all if you ask me, but, it's better than nothing.

User Info: fluent2332

6 years ago#4

No sea battles, confirmed in an interview. It's basically like your ship is your base of operations. Like the Normandy in Mass Effect. Still, the weapons you use, abilities you get, armor, loot, everything else is very pirate-y. You even get a parrot that you can train to attack your enemies.

User Info: Dordledum

6 years ago#5

yohoho! And a bottle of Rum!

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  3. How "Piratey" is it?

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