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User Info: pencoin

6 years ago#1
Hello all. I'll say this to begin, my little brother got this not me. Personally I think it's a waste of money.

Well the problem is that when my brother trys to swap figures the portal turns off and won't turn back on. When we turn the Wii off and on it works again.

My mother is rightly ticked off, so I need help or it's my head that's gonna roll. She's not happy anyway due to the large amount of glitches we got up to now.
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User Info: StrmCentry

6 years ago#2
Check the batteries, sometimes they come loose and need to be put back in. Or maybe they are dying and need to be changed.

User Info: mantez

6 years ago#3
My did this you need to put new batteries in.

User Info: JayFight

6 years ago#4
just to inform you activision has a great customer service system set up just for this i have the 3ds version and my portal only worked once, i then went to there site and filled in the warranty info and they sent me a new portal, and i didn't have to send anything in so i still have the old broken portal. so if you find you need to replace it just go to the site and have them send a new one it only takes 1 week (i know that seems like forever but it's also free)
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