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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#1
** Double Trouble (Magic) HP 500 (lvl 10)
- Pros: Eldritch Beam is a lock-on primary beam attack that never stops dealing damage unless you're out of range. You can strafe enemies continuously until defeated. Doubles are very effective minions with good AI. Pretty high Critical rate compliments Beam attacks.
- Cons: Very slow. Magic Bomb has a noticeable charge delay.
- Preferred Upgrade Path: Conjuror
- Comments: Double Trouble's Eldritch Beam may as well be called a murder beam. The damage output potential on this guy is obscene.

Double Trouble is a very dangerous opponent. Even though he's slow, if you get too close to him you're going to get hurt... which is why ranged attackers will probably mop the floor with him. That being said, Double Trouble is very good at being what he is. He is a master at mid range attacks. Magic Bomb is more of a fallback if someone gets TOO close, but it's still very strong.

Path Damage Breakdown: *Criticial Hits = 1.5 damage below*

Extended Eldritch Beam (lock on mid-range): 20 dmg (continuous dmg while held)
Unstable Double: 23 dmg
Magic Bomb, Magical Cataclysm, Magic Armageddon: 65 dmg * 3 (must hold button for all three hits)

Arcane Eldritch Beam (lock on short/mid-range): 15 dmg (continuous dmg while held)
Rocket Powered Double: 33 dmg
Rocket Powered Double, Imbue Construct: 49 dmg
Magic Bomb: 50 dmg

Conjuror is the better choice mainly because it is far better balanced. Channeler focuses pretty exclusively on the Extended Eldritch Beam. This isn't a BAD thing (it MURDERS bosses), but it puts him in a dangerous position in PvP. Double Trouble is slower than most, even with speed HC's. He isn't good at giving chase to abuse the DPS of this path.

Conjuror, however, makes excellent use of Double Trouble's strengths. The Rocket Powered Doubles are nearly impossible to avoid, and seek foes hungrily. You can summon Doubles while running without slowing down, which is very advantageous. If your opponent starts to flee from your Doubles, turn around and fire at them to increase their damage (Imbue Construct). In the campaign, defeating enemies with your beam will automatically produce a Double... which leads to some very destructive gameplay. >:D

Other Upgrade Notes:
(Basic) Summon Magic Bomb lets you create a very strong AoE explosion around your character. It deals great damage, but has a very unfortunate charge time. If timed correctly, it can be devastating.
(Channeler) Extended Eldritch Beam's damage output is simply jaw-dropping. You owe it to yourself to take this into a boss fight at least once. It's hilarious.
(Channeler) Magic Armageddon lets you hold the Special Attack button to perform three Magic Bomb's in a row. This can deal ridiculous damage (65 *3), but DT is too slow to chase, and it's unlikely that anyone is going to rush Double Trouble on either path... so how often will you use it?
(Conjuror) Imbue Construct lets you shoot your Doubles with your Eldritch Beam to power them up for short time. It will double their size and increase their damage. If you have time to use this move, do it. It increases your Double's already impressive attack by ~50%.
(Conjuror) Spirit Construct spawns a Double at every defeated enemy. While you can only have three on screen at a time, you can basically lead with your Eldritch Beam all the time and free minions will spawn. Awesome.
(Soul Gem) Waterwalker lets you cross water. Yay.!
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User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#2
You Break It, You Buy It! Heroic Challenge +3 Speed
This is not an easy HC... especially with a Skylander upgrade with lots of AoE attacks. You must defeat the 40 trolls guarding Cali's stolen artwork within 3:30. If you break a Vase or a Painting, you get a time penalty. These penalties add up fast... so be careful. Don't be afraid to break out your Time Twist Hourglass or your Ghost Pirate Swords... chances are you'll need them for some characters that attack wide areas without blinking.
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User Info: kaleids

5 years ago#3
Iv played both pathes and agree 100%. Try his HC with boomer...LOL. I like him more than cynder though. Great breakdown.

User Info: TombaTech

5 years ago#4
Rossmacdaddy posted...

Wow, never knew you could use the swords and such on heroic challenges...might help concerning my previous posts...

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#5
Hah, just realized I put +3 Speed on the HC. All Speed HC's are +8 Speed. My bad.
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User Info: Tyris01

5 years ago#6
Normally I agree with you Ross. Not this time, though.

Rather have the Eldritch specialty path on Double Trouble here. The Double Conjuring path is pretty nice, but it's not going to keep him alive in most PvP situations.

Ranged characters have the option of simply continuing to shoot in your direction and they're going to hit the doubles and pop them before they come close. The cast time is also excessively long, which allows the melee SL's to get in close and start interrupting your abilities. Anything you can't catch that can outrange you is simply going to destroy your ability to damage them, leaving you in the same situation as the other path.

In the case of the beam-and-bomb boosting path, though, you'll be able to reach a decent distance with your voodoo Death Ray, but the main prize is the Arcane Bomb. While it has the same initial windup as the single-fire version on the Double-boosting path, its ability to fire off a single bomb after 1 second and then 2 others at half-second intervals means it can easily dish out that full 195 damage. As well, it and the beam can be used in the air, and its knockback is well worth it.

Double Trouble is going to have 'trouble' with good ranged attackers no matter which path he goes. But the conjuring one is trading a slightly better capability at range for getting utterly mauled in melee. The Channeler path, however, will be able to make close range battles into a slaughter. As long as you have that first second of wind-up time (which isn't difficult, given a little planning or hanging around near Bounce Pads), DT's going to either annihilate a third of his opponent's HP or deal a decent amount while pushing them back. In addition, the blast radius is slightly under the range of the Beam, so you can immediately switch to that and play hide-and-go-burn-them-to-death should they want to stick around.

If you're worried about catching them in PvP... well, it all depends on the map. Treetop is tiny enough where they can't get away, as is the Aqueduct/Vault (and when they can, you can just hit the button). Cyclops Square is small enough that holding the center of the map will give you enough ability to get close for either attack. Pirate Grotto SEEMS to be spacious enough to avoid him, but the super-powered green bounce pad in the center lets you go practically anywhere on the map. Necropolis has many walls, ledges, and bounce pads that works perfectly well for his strategy. The only maps that really suck for him are the frozen map and the Troll Factory.

In PvE, the "exploding doubles creating more doubles" is really nice, but I'll stick to the upgraded beam range and damage... and the three-round-burst Arcane Bomb. It just deals so much damage that it can annihilate heaps of little guys or even just obliterate bosses. Try it on the Kaos fight sometime... I guarantee you can kill one or two of his summoned minions before they even get the chance to face you.

I guess what's most important to me is that the Conjuror path just improves one attack. It makes it good, but that one attack is NOT enough to carry him (not like, say, Trigger Happy's Golden Gun path or Drobot's Master Blaster). The Channeler path will make all three of his attacks viable (yeah, the doubles aren't great, but they are decent) and give him more options than he usually has.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#7
I like Conjuror better only because it really feels more balanced... but you aren't wrong that Channeler is pretty amazing (I tried to be honest about it). However, I noticed something when I was testing Channeler that turned me off a little - and I forgot to mention it above. Just like Dino-Rang, the Extended Eldritch Beam has a dead spot between Double Trouble and the attack area of the beam. If you are closer than that range, your beam will not lock on unless you back up a little. Sometimes you'll just find your target and you're home free, but for some reason the beam just doesn't like to hit anywhere but the full distance of the shot even if your foe is right in front of you. I found this to be much more manageable on Conjuror where the range is a little shorter. Maybe this is a Wii thing...?

Now, if CT had that totem staff look from Channeler on his Conjuror path... I'm sure you would agree that Conjuror is superior. :P Love that staff.

I also have encountered some weird glitches when trying to complete HC's that other might have encountered...

Time's A-Wastin' - DT's beam will not destroy any barrels. I tried to complete this HC before buying Magic Bomb, so it couldn't beat it. Weird.
You Break It, You Buy It! DT's beam has some big issues locking on to stuff that is no where near you in this HC. After defeating a troll, DT started spinning and getting "pulled" towards vases and paintings nearby. Thankfully his beam doesn't deal damage right away when this happens, but I walked away from a painting after starting to lock on to it... and after I was a good screen length away and trying to attack another troll, the beam re-locked on to the painting off screen and Cali yelled at me. I still beat it, but it was pretty strange.
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User Info: Tyris01

5 years ago#8
Ah, that might have something to do with it. The Dead Zone, I mean. I haven't noticed that on the PS3 version at all, I'll test it soon though.

I'm going to assume that it's like Dino-Rang's dead zone, which you compared it to. That one doesn't exist on the PS3 or Wii. Well, let me rephrase that, it DOES exist, but it's only big enough for a terribly small enemy like a Chompy to fit into. No Skylander is tiny enough to abuse it, so in PvP situations you can run right up in their face and tag them with twin boomerang shield hits. I'm going to go out on a limb and say they used the same code for DT, in which case he should have no problem in PvP situations. But I'll check to make sure.

In any event, opponents shouldn't get that close without eating Magic Bombs, but it's a good point. Might want to see if they have the same crazy knockback on the Wii.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#9
The knockback on Magic Bomb's on Wii is pretty decent. Enough to make use of on either path.

Found another HC where DT's beam doesn't work correctly:

Mission Achomplished: DT's beam ignores many of the barrels on this level as well. It will destroy the carts and shelves, but some barrels simply won't break even if the beam is right on them.
Growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional.
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