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User Info: Lineropethread

5 years ago#1
Pamela cameo at scene 17
I didn't beat the game yet
Over 30+ hours into the game
Incomplete guide but covers most of the complicated stuff
Minor spoilers?
Maces are crap

Level does not affect damage done or defense
Level affects only HP, Weight Cap, and Resistance to status effects
Defense is a percentage reduction; 10 def = 10% less phy damage taken
Weapons have a base attack and can be increased through alchemy up to +9
At +9, the bonus is 50% more damage taken from base
Mastery of an weapon increases damage; 1% per point, up to 50% of the base damage of the weapon
Max attack for any weapon = 2 times the base damage (mastery at 50 and weapon at +9)

Roman Numerals on weapons
Each weapon can have 1 or more types of attacks
Each numeral in a specific type of weapon regardless of weapon has the same kind of attack

Spread....Large Spread....Around....Sides


Attacks that doesn't specifically target a unit cannot be guarded/dodged
Katana + Maces were omitted

-I: Basic attack
-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces)
-III: Knockback

-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces); 14 cast time

-I: Basic attack
-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces)
-III: Breaks item (shield, arm, hat)
-IV: Spinning attack; sides

-III: Knockback

-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces)

-I: Knockback
-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces)
-III: Not sure
-IV: Not sure

-I: Knockback
-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces)
-III: Not sure
-IV: Steal

-I: Basic attack
-II: Random target around (will hit if only 1 target in range)
-III: Range 4; sweet spot within 2
-IV: Plant mine(only at night)

-I: Accuracy sweet spot at 4 spaces away
-II: Accuracy sweet spot at 6 spaces away
-III: Hits 3 random spots out of 5, spread; range 5 (can hit nothing)
-IV: Accuracy sweet spot at 5 spaces away

-I: Accuracy sweet spot 2 spaces in front
-II: Piercing shot; 1-2 spaces no miss, max range(3) 25% miss
-III: Diagonal piercing shot(V shape); 1-2 spaces no miss, max range(3) 25% miss
-IV: Accuracy sweet spot 3 spaces in front

-I: Pierces front 2 spaces
-II: Hits certain types of enemies 150% damage
-III: Range 8; Knockback
-IV: Range 5; Hits 1 random spot out of 5, spread (can hit nothing)

-I: Basic attack
-II: ??
-III: ??
-IV: Hits 2 spaces in front; knockback

-I: Melee ranged heal
-II: Range 7; heal
-III: Range 4; AoE heal; spread;
-IV: Book toss; 1-2 spaces no miss, max range(3) 25% miss

-I: Range 5; 18 cast time; spread;
-II: Range 4; 20 cast time; hits 3 random spots out of 5, spread
-III: Range 4; 12 cast time; spread;
-IV: Range 6; 24 cast time; AoE, large spread

-I: Melee ranged attack
-II: Range 4; 16 cast time; spread
-III: Infinity range(seriously); 28 cast time; straight line across map; knockback
-IV: Plant mine(only at day)

-I: ??
-II: Sweep(horizontal 3 spaces); 6 cast time
-III: Heal; sides (also recoverys vitality)
-IV: Single target status effect with a decent trigger rate

-I: Pierces front 2 spaces; knockback
-II: Sweep (horizontal 3 spaces)
-III: ??
-IV: Requires an empty space behind enemy

User Info: Lineropethread

5 years ago#2
These are the general case as different weapons can have different
effects and requirements but will still follow the convention I mentioned

Weight or Wait? (abbreviated WT)
WT goes up as you equip more gear
It determines the time it takes before that unit can move again
without losing vitality.

Delay is global and shares with your whole team.
Think global cooldown for actions
Enemy units do not have a global cooldown
A weapon has multiple skills and each can have a different delay

Defaults at 0 which means normal hit rate calculations
All weapons except rapier have a guard rate
Rapier has no guard and ignores a weapon's guard rate (but not shield)
Ranged weapons completely ignores guard but has its own hit rate based on distance
Ranged weapons have a range of 8 spaces except for select skills mentioned above

Chance of guard is taken from weapon unless a shield is equipped. They don't stack.
Guard chances don't stack. Countering is only possible after a guard and
only Venery's 2nd weapon can naturally counter as every other unit needs a shoe
with a special number that corresponds with one that the weapon has and that skill
has to be single target.

O = Unit

Enemy position and dodge rate
Bow I
Bow II
Bow IV

Crossbow I
Crossbow IV

Using gear that add hit will automatically negate that much of their guard for melee weapons
and subtract that much from an enemies dodge rate for ranged weapons so
Crossbow IV would look like |O|0%|0%|0%|0%|5%|30%|45%|45%| with hit totaling 45

Cas(Cast time)
CT reduction by percent rounded down to get a whole number reduction
Delay from skills with CT is short but the caster's wait time is long
1: waits from cast time
2: waits from the WT time after casting

20CT skill with 20Cas = 20% off = 16CT
6CT skill with 20Cas = 17% off = 5CT
1/6 = 17%
2/6 = 33%

Special Number

The "Special Number" is the roman numeral at the bottom right of every
character's status screen. This is their specialty when using weapons and
allows leveling of attacks when the number of the attack corresponds with
their own number. The attack that corresponds with the unit's special number
has the roman numeral shown in yellow (press triangle twice on a unit)
The stats that can be gained are:

b.power(base power)
t.power(tactical power)

These stats are persistant across different weapons, but only for the attack
that has the same number as the unit.
Example damage calculation

Tactics gauge at 8
Shooter III: Weapon +9, Mastery 50, Base attack 120
Skill III: Base 67, Tac 14
Specialty: b.pow:+3, t.pow+2

Damage from weapon: ....................................120 + 60 + 60 = 240

Damage from base damage: .........................Base + b.pow
...............................................................................67+3 = 70

Damage from tactics damage: ......................(Tac + t.pow)(gauge/20)
..............................................................................(14+2)(8/20) = 6.4

Total attack power = 240 + 70 + 6.4 = 316.4 (game shows 316)

User Info: Lineropethread

5 years ago#3
The game pretty much does all the calculations you need to know, so the only thing you really need to pay attention to is whether the skill specializes in base damage or tactics damage since using tactics on beats or scrambles will lower a major part of that skill's damage.

The element index also plays a part in damage calculation but it there has been no
chance to test it in a controlled way due to the random nature of it.

Keep in mind that there are skills that inflict a "rhythm" on an enemy which makes
their element index of that rhythm go up, and using the same skill again (which is
the same element as the rhythm it caused) will do very little damage.

General Gameplay

If you've noticed, each of your units have a "tac" number. That number is the max number of tactics you can gain from moving them. This fills up your tactics guage which in turn, lets you use beats and boosts, which are combination attacks and buffs respectively.

At the beginning of each stage boost and beat range are at 1 spot adjacent. The range increases by 1 per flag you capture. Boost range is the sides of the unit attacking and beat range is the sides of the unit being attacked. There can only be 1 boost/beat per side excluding the unit attacking.

When choosing a skill to attack with,(press select) there are 2 damage numbers - one on the top, and one below that. The top number is base damage and is added to the
attack of the weapon. The number under that is tactics damage and it is damage added when the tactics is at 20(max). At any other number, a percentage of that damage is added instead. For example, with tactics damage at 100, and tactics gauge at 10, it will add 50 damage to an attack. In other words, each bar of the tactics gauge adds 5% of the tactics damage. The total attack power is a visual representation of this and that gauge will be filled up if you have captured 5 flags and max tactics. Any number of flags over that will still add 5% to the tactics damage and you will see it overflowing the total attack power gauge.

Also, depending on the tactics of the unit, the bars from the tactics gauge can be
substituted to increase damage. A unit with 3 tactics can gain an extra 15% damage from the tactics damage even when the current gauge is capped at 10.

To kill undeads, you need to first deplete their hp then use a book's heal. Stick's heal
won't work. They never drop their items :(


While units with 2 Del and 3 Tacs seem best to recruit, they often have a lower
Max HP cap and weight cap. Try an get a unit that specializes in a skill you use often.
Priestess specialization is worthless. Sure you use heal a lot, but the only stat in
specialization that affects it is delay (cas for AoE heal), and you rarely get those.

-Try to keep each unit's weight below 50%
-Get a shooter! They have a ranged knockback and is uber awesome( at castle stage )
(out of bound, be drowned, go to hell, DOMINOES)

Side View: castle defense backside
G = golem
S = skeleton
O = your unit
..................O|.....Shooter somewhere here

Get the units in this position then knock the front skeleton into the trench.
The back skeleton will now move forward to hit your unit blocking.
When you shooter gets to go again, knock the 2nd skeleton into the 1st skeleton
that's in the trench for gravity magic.
Also, give him hit gear.

-When fighting melee units (or shooter), check first to see if they have any
knockback attacks. If they do and can get in range, don't stay near an unbordered
edge or they'll knock you out of bounds.

User Info: Lineropethread

5 years ago#4
-Right after an enemy unit attacks you, don't immediately try and kill that same unit.
Since they just attacked, their delay is high and will take a while before they can
attack you again. Look at the turn order and instead try and kill a unit that goes next.
That way, your delay can cooldown before the first unit and not have to worry about
another unit attacking you while you're helpless.

-Overclock and Scramble
Scramble should be used as a last resort as it can drastically reduce your tactical
damage as well as the ability to beat. It costs (your current delay + 2) in tactics
to activate. The best situations to use it is when you must not get hit by the next
attack no matter what. Usually that means either magic, or a possible fatality.
Watch the unit that's about to go next and press L right as they hit 1 delay. This is
so you go just before them and will cost 3 tactics as a result. Your movement to get
away can regain the tactics you've just lost.

Overclock is just like scramble except that it is to prevent yourself from using scramble.
For example, the next enemy unit moves in 4 turns. You can either do an action that puts
you after the enemy(like attacking another unit), then scramble to move another unit
to heal the first unit before that enemy in 4 turns goes and kills them; or you can
overclock so that the enemy unit goes first while your first unit is out of range, then
move that unit after the enemy has moved, so they won't have a chance to attack.

The best example with this is versus the necromancer which has a cast time of 2. When
that unit is 1 turn away, you would like to avoid the skill, but any action will give
you a delay of 4 which would put you after the cast has finished. In that case, you can
overclock so that they can cast, and right after that, you move away, since your
delay is at 0.

Mistakes? Wrong info? Correct me if I'm mistaken on some parts.
Now someone make a more in-depth and complete version.
Ignore my bad structure/formatting.
-4th post

User Info: Emblem2042

5 years ago#5
Let me guess, you posted this assuming that Atlus' mystery game is Gungnir?

I'm not mocking you, I'm just curious.
Go then. There are other worlds than these.

User Info: HermanTuttle

5 years ago#6
He's clearly played the Japanese version extensively, and just wants to share some info, since there's been renewed interest in the game.

User Info: cyberdupo56

5 years ago#7

Delay depends on how much you move, not on what action you take (I think), and unit wait depends on action, not movement.  Movement also gives you tactics, which you can use to cancel delay, so there's a cycle there.  Each flag gives you 2 max tactics guage, you start with 10 max tactics, and can have up to 20 max.  for each point of wait a unit has when you move it, it takes 1% vitality damage,  vitality is basically max hp, 1% vitality damage lowers max hp by 1%.  You can use captured flags to change items equipped to a unit for tactics cost.

User Info: ecthel1412

5 years ago#8
Delay depends on both your move and what action you take.
-You gain a minimum of 3 Delays for just select one unit, move/perform action will add more.
-Movement increase Delay by 1 for each steps until the number of steps is greater than unit's DEL stat.
-Each action has their own Delay, which you can know by press Select when highlight that skill.

User Info: Lineropethread

5 years ago#9
^Depending on the ACE, that initial delay can also be reduced.

My post about countering is wrong. It appears that certain weapons and attacks cannot be used for countering regardless of the type of hit (single, multi).

Also, a character's wait time without doing any action is half of their WT.

User Info: ecthel1412

5 years ago#10
^Yes, initial Delay can be reduced depend on your Ace, provided the Ace has compatibility with the unit.

About counter, only melee attack can be used for counter, and the target must be range of the attack for counter to be performed. Successful guard with Shield won't provide a counter, unless the equipped Shield has Attack Skill of itself.

There's a mistake in Hit description:

Using gear that add hit will automatically negate that much of their guard for melee weapons

Actually Hit has nothing to do with melee weapon, as increase Hit doesn't reduce guard chance again melee attack. Hit only affects projectile attacks.
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