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User Info: toffifee

5 years ago#1
I have only played the original game and thought it was very good but I wanted a campaign. Does any of the expansions have campaigns?
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User Info: Link2Kev

5 years ago#2

Entrenchment and Diplomacy do not have campaigns 

User Info: GoaFan77

5 years ago#3
There may be a few goal oriented scenarios in Rebellion. But this is not guaranteed and will not be equivalent to a game like Starcraft. Sins is a rather open game and thus sticks to its versatility in multiplayer, modding, and skirmish awesomeness.

You'll have to wait until Sins 2 for a campaign, as they said they will not do a campaign until they have the means and we own computers powerful enough to realize their ambitions.
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User Info: Mogan

5 years ago#4
Its kind of a shame that they came up with a neat story, and a compelling intro ... and then there's no campaign or anything to continue it. All the races are faceless and mute, with no goals or anything.
Still, Sins is one of my favorite space strategy games, and I have high hopes for Rebellion. The art style just looks so cool!
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User Info: GoaFan77

5 years ago#5
I love sandbox games so I really don't mind. Whats it matter if you make up the story of the individual battles or they do? More than likely if they did a campaign right now we'd just be disappointed that it didn't live up to story in the awesome trailer and subtly told in each ship and research.

Put another way, two of my favorite RTS games were C&C generals and Supreme Commander. I only vaguely remember the campaigns for those games. But what I really remember is some crazy situations that came out of the skirmish mode and the fun I had playing them online or with my friends. Sins is even better in that regard thanks to all the cool mods you can get to customize that experience. Sins isn't Starcraft II. I certainly don't want it to try to be.
"How ridiculous and how strange to be surprised at anything which happens in life!"

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