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User Info: Sonicboom771

4 years ago#1

Episode I: Sonic alone and sloppy physics.

Episode II: Sonic & Tails playable, and greatly improved physics, as well as the overall engine and graphics.


Episode III: Graphics further improved, as well as the option to play as Sonic alone, Tails alone, Sonic & Tails, or Knuckles alone, a similar feature from S3&K.

Sonic & Metal (Episode IV if you will): Similar to Sonic & will use the highly improved engine of Episode III with further enhancements if possible, and lock on technology. It will be the big finale to Sonic 4, with no further cliffhangers. If the user purchases all 4 episodes, they will unlock...

Sonic 4 & Metal Sonic:
-Play all zones from Episodes I-IV, a similar feature to Sonic & Knuckles Lock-on technology.
-You have the option to play as Sonic alone, Metal Sonic alone, Knuckles alone, Tails alone or Sonic & Tails.
-You have the ability to acquire Super Emeralds to transform into Hyper Sonic, Hyper Knuckles, Super Tails & Hyper Metal Sonic. All previous zones from Episodes I-III will have the new improved engine, and tweaks will be made to allow each character combination to complete each act.

Make it happen SEGA!
Mike Pollock is great. Inspired me to be a voice actor. Check out my imitations!

User Info: Sonicboom771

4 years ago#2
Supershadonic had originally made this post, but it got archived, so I copy/pasted it for the most part, but I put my own spin on the idea as you can see...I really like this overall and I feel it would be a HUGE money maker for SEGA. The thought of them taking the time to go back to Episodes 1 and 2 to improve the graphics to Episode 3's standards, as well as locking on all 4 games...that would be incredible, and a great incentive for people to buy all 4 episodes. What are others thoughts on this?
Mike Pollock is great. Inspired me to be a voice actor. Check out my imitations!

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