I just bought Rainbow Moon

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User Info: Darquewynter

5 years ago#1
Hey all,

I just bought Rainbow Moon and I got the beginners kit and the main character DLC that has the black ring. I haven't started the game yet; however, I'm wondering if there are some good tips in playing Rainbow Moon without ****ing myself up at the start of the game.

by the way, thanks in advance.
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User Info: Hell-Raiser-85

5 years ago#2
Take a look at this...

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User Info: GenocideHeart

5 years ago#3
I can't stress enough the importance of USING THE FIELD to your advantage. When getting Trisha, exploit obstacles like it's going out of style. She can shoot over them - most enemies can't. Also, use chokepoints to your advantage too. Forcing enemies to come at you one at a time is invaluable.
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User Info: Slayer1

5 years ago#4
Kill many enemies on Moon day in order to double your pearls!
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User Info: Phadin

5 years ago#5
Enemies have a habit of focusing on a single character. this is most noticable early when you have 2 or 3 characters, they will frequently avoid your front liner to make a run for someone else. Use that, keep their target away while the others just cleave into the enemy and it ignores them.

User Info: ACasser

5 years ago#6
Use the "Defense" command like it's going out of style -- it doubles your defense until your next turn rolls around, and that can mean a spectacular reduction in damage for your tanks (especially when they are surrounded).

Once you have the Speed and Sub-Turns to do so, take advantage of the opportunity to "hit and run" so that your enemies have to burn their actions moving towards you instead of attacking.

Learn which enemies have non-melee attacks and the range of said attacks. Then keep your characters out of those "danger zones" whenever possible as to prevent those enemies from nuking you at a distance.

Finally, use treasure bags from defeated enemies as bonus obstacles. You can collect them by walking over them during combat -- and that allegedly translates to better treasure -- but monsters cannot cross them.

User Info: VanishingWorlds

5 years ago#7
Its not alleged. Most of us have tested it on our own. Specifically (this is from testing about 100 battles with the right conditions), I've found that whatever you get at the end of the battle will be what was in the -last- treasure bag to drop. If multiple dropped at once as the "last drop" then they will all be given to you.

Anyway... when they say "defend", they mean "as your last turn". Shoot, shoot, guard. Learn not just the ranges on their attacks, but also their sub-turns. The Scorpions in the desert, for instance, are fast but have no range and a single sub-turn each - which makes them a joy to level on. Their Living Shard buddies, however, are 2 subs and a whallop of a ranged attack.

Once you can start doing area damage (Earth Crusher and Piercing Strike were the two deciders for me), hunt at night. Larger groups of enemies have greater difficulty moving because they congest themselves, allowing your area effects a greater degree of effectiveness. You'll rarely need to move, just protect your ranged units (the girls are both made of glass, I swear).

Magic Blocks. If you've got the cash to spend, this spell is awesome. Enemies will go out of their way to blow up your blocks, allowing you to spend otherwise useless sub-turns throwing out decoys. In addition, you can use those same blocks to build up your attack skills. Finally, they are an enemy! Make sure to kill at least one for the bestiary.

Early on, the humanoid characters (thieves and wannabe heroes, I think) can drop some rubies as their rare drop. These rubies add Sniper to the item they're equipped to as well as some stats. Doubled Luck = more often to crit = more damage. Can't go wrong as long as you don't use it on your rings.
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User Info: Darquewynter

5 years ago#8
Thanks for the tips so far everyone. Here are the tips so far minus the link to ps3trophies.org as I understand them:

1. Use Trisha to exploit the field. (Once Trisha is recruited.)
2. Kill monsters on Moon Day to double pearls.
3. Exploit the monster's ignoring of the front character to earn easier victories.
4. Use the "Defense" command on tank characters, especially when two or more enemies gang up on the tank.
5. Use the "Hit and run" tactic after characters speed improves and they learn subturns.
6. Learn each enemy's "attack zone" and attack accordingly.
7. Use the treasure bags that defeated enemies drop as bonus obstacles before picking them up for the bonus treasure, because enemies can't cross them.

Keep sending in good tips for the newbies and the ones who don't know good tips for Rainbow Moon. As always, thanks for the tips in advance.
PSN: Darquewynter , Wii/AC:CF FC: given upon request.
Now Starting: Rainbow Moon

User Info: the_requiem

5 years ago#9
1. Note the weapon Affinity and BIAS of enemies. Most early enemies go for Trish coz they have high physical bias and she is only magical in group.
2. Devs on official boards HAVE confirmed you will get better/more loot if you pick bags during battle.
3. Skills do more damage on Holy Days, use it.
4. Don't waste RPs on HP and MP. Devs have confirmed you can finish main quest line without pumping anything in HP and MP. Speed and STR should be top priority. High DEF works better than more HP. If you're not blocking damage, you will run out of HP no matter how much you have, so DEF is better investment than HP.
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