Plots within Plots Challenge, anyone beat it yet?

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User Info: FiGhTiNCoWBoY

6 years ago#1
Been working at this one for about 45 minutes now and can't figure it out. The most obvious solution would be to get dragonstorm out but no matter which cards I'm selecting it seems hes always making sure to not let me get dragonstorm in my hand, at least while I still have the mana to cast it. Anyway I'm about out of patience on this one if anyone has figured it out I'd appreciate the help.

User Info: lRach

6 years ago#2
I'm in the exact same boat as you, i've tried pretty much everything i can think of and it's driving me bloomin' crazy.
Bumping this topic for hopeful reply.
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User Info: FiGhTiNCoWBoY

6 years ago#3
dude i know, this one honestly feels more like a chore than a challenge, its seriously just trial and error to determine the correct scrying order.

User Info: Rey_Mysterio13

6 years ago#4
You're not supposed to take the most obvious solution.

Use Gifts Ungiven and pick: Dragonstorm, Gifts Ungiven, Intuition and Blaze.
This gives you Gifts Ungiven and Intuition.
Play Intuition, pick 3x Flame Burst.
This., naturally, gives you one Flame Burst
Use Flame Burst to deal 4 damage.
Now, use Gifts Ungiven again, to pick up a Flame Burst and Grapeshot (pick those two + Dragonstorm and another powerfull card, to be sure to get the right ones)
Now, you have four mana left, and a Flame Burst and Grapeshot on your hand - use Flame Burst, then Grapeshot, to kill him.

User Info: FiGhTiNCoWBoY

6 years ago#5
i had tried going about a storm route before doing something similar but couldnt get the damage high enough, i'll try the order you suggested and hopefully see some better results

User Info: kairyu815

6 years ago#6
I can confirm. That order worked perfectly for me.
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User Info: The Deadpool

The Deadpool
6 years ago#7
I overkilled him.

I did Gifts of Ungiven, got Grapeshot and Gifts of ungiven (picked Blaze and Dragonstorm).

Gifts of Ungiven AGAIN, this time Intuition and Grapshot (picked Blaze and the Dragon as the other two).

Then Intution the Flame Burst.

Flame Burst, Grapeshot, Grapshot.
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User Info: Jacarr

6 years ago#8
I did mine like Deadpool said. As soon as I seen he would let me have Grapeshot I knew what had to happen.

User Info: FiGhTiNCoWBoY

6 years ago#9
yeah im finished the single the archenemy ones are a whole different ballpark. i dunno wtf im missing here but i can't even get past the first one X.X

User Info: Svtcobrastang

6 years ago#10
I need help with a lot of the single player challenges....Welcome to the pit...Master your destiny...Desperate Measures...and master of illusions. I having trouble with those.
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  3. Plots within Plots Challenge, anyone beat it yet?

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