Jace, Jace, Jace Archenemy Campaign

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User Info: Jonjey

6 years ago#1
I had a lot of issues with it and finaly beat it and wanted to let everyone know the best strategy.
I tried machinations, UQ, Wielding Steel, Auramancer, etc.
No matter what I did they'd overpower me with ridiculously big krovikans.
I finaly tried Lilliana, a deck that I hadn't unlocked anything with yet, and didn't really plan to cause I don't like mono black decks.
The scheme cards are ridiculous for that deck, I got one that said "Target player chooses himself or others, if he chooses himself he discards 4 cards, if others then they both discard 2.
I got that scheme three times in a few turns, which I guess helped a lot lol.
Basically I just burned them all down to 0 cards within a few turns and used lilliana's caress to burn them down while doing it.
It turned a very hard fight into a very easy fight.
Just figured I'd post it in case anyone else had troubles.

User Info: yoomazir

6 years ago#2
Indeed, using Liliana Grave Whispers deck on archenemy is like playing in God mode, never lost once with it (but I also had the difficulty set of Archmage).

User Info: NoDozTweaker

6 years ago#3

Plus, that deck has 3 cards in the unlocks that are obviously intended for archenemy play :)

User Info: ThermalStone

6 years ago#4
The fastest way to beat triple jace is to use ancient depths. If you can cheat out an eldrazi or shrouded creature in the first three turns, you'll probably win. If you don't, just restart the game.
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User Info: Cthulhu Cultist

Cthulhu Cultist
6 years ago#5
I've been having a lot of luck with GW but if I can't beat the three J's after a couple tries then I'm just going to switch to AD. I plan on restarting until I get an Eldrazi in my starting hand then hoping for the scheme that let's me drop it. It'll only be a matter of time until it gets bounced, or worse, Mind Controlled though.
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User Info: Citrate1007

6 years ago#6
Last time I played that set up I used AD, got an situational card that gave like 7 0/1 creatures and mass polymorphed them into my legendary ones right off the bat. They didn't stand a chance.
Relax, it's just a game.


6 years ago#7
I used Strength of Stone and won easily. It has a lot of board clearing cards now and the scheme cards it uses are very powerful against Jace
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User Info: ehrenj

6 years ago#8

I tried grave whispers twice and got overrun. I had bad draws though. I used UF once and destroyed them.

User Info: Terminal Omega

Terminal Omega
6 years ago#9
That battle was hell for me. I used the vampire deck and probably only won due to luck of the draw. Depending on what happens and their damn K. Mist cards, it can really be unwinnable.
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User Info: Icebergslim3000

6 years ago#10
You guys are weaksauce. I chose SOS and beat it first try.

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