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Best/smartest move you've made

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User Info: thatgumyouliked

5 years ago#1
The opposite of the dumb moves thread up there.

I've mentioned this on these boards once before but I was playing Cloudburst against AD once. Had Niv Mizzet on the board and was controlling the game. I also had Reverberate in my hand and was biding my time, wanting to use it for maximum effect. Opponent dropped Tidings. Boom! 4 damage and 4 cards for 2 mana. Made my day ha.
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User Info: RockinNelis

5 years ago#2
I had Warstorm Surge out and alot of islands when I drew Man-o'-War (the uh.. the creature, not the band). So I played it, dealt 2 damage to kill one of his guys, and chose to bounce the Man-o'-War itself. Rinse and repeat 3 times to take out his entire side, smash in with my forcemages, and the turn after untap and play Man-'o-War three times dealing damage to player to take him to 0 life.

Funnest combo ever :D

User Info: Arch_Evil

5 years ago#3
Not necessarily smart, but it was kinda awesome: this happened a while ago. I was using Unquenchable Fire, opponent used Wielding Steel. I had around 12 HP left, he still had around 18 HP.

He has 3 cards on the board: Gideon Lawkeeper, Elite Vanguard and Serra Angel (iirc). He just finished attacking.

My turn. I have 3 cards on the board as well: Fire Servant, a Hellhound and a Kiln Fiend. Before I can do anything, he activates his Lawkeeper's special ability and taps my Fire Servant. Doesn't matter to me: his ability still works as long as he's on the board, and I won't need him to attack anyway.

I cast Flame Slash on his Serra Angel. Normally 4 damage, Fire Servant doubles it: 8 damage. Angel dies, Kiln Fiend increases from 1/2 to 4/2. I cast another Flame Slash, this time on his Elite Vanguard, which is a measly 2/1 anyway. Elite Vanguard dies, Kiln Fiend increases from 4/2 to 7/2.

I still have 4 mana left or so, that's enough to cast Sizzle. Normally damages player for 3 damage, Fire Servant doubles it: 6 dmg. His HP down from 18 to 12. Kiln Fiend increases from 7/2 to 10/2.

He has only 1 remaining card on the board: Gideon's Lawkeeper. But, since he already used his ability, it is tapped, so he can't defend with it. I attack with Kiln fiend (10/2) and that other creature (2/2) and win the game. My opponent, who had the upper hand until then, and who had 18 HP, lost it all in that one turn. It was so beautiful =) I doubt I'll ever manage something like that again.
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User Info: dvert

5 years ago#4
I dunno about this game, but in real Magic, in a limited Lorwyn game, I won a big match by using Shields of Velis Vel to give all my creatures Changeling and then swung a couple big trades with Sygg River Guide turning them Pro-X color because they were all merfolk now.

User Info: shadyfreak24

5 years ago#5
I was playing cloudburst vs Dh. I had a wind drake out and that was the only creature on the board. Opponnent plays desolation ange thinking that will win him the game. I boumce it back to his hand before the abillity goes off leaving him with nothing onnthe board and no land to play anything. He ragequits soon afterwards
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User Info: tweakerlime

5 years ago#6
I dont remember the exact scenario but it was my Machinations deck versus a vampire deck. He had Mirri, captivating vampire, and vampire nocturnus at one point on the battlefield. I pulled off some good shenanigans with the Sanctum Gargoyle and dead reckoning to bring back my Master of Etherium 3 times. I eventually took the game with a very buff Master of Etherium.
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User Info: MTGxerxes

5 years ago#7
I was just in a 2HG game earlier today...

Opponents were Treefolk and Machinations.
We were Grave Whispers and Dark Heavens

Machinations guy had Vensers Journal (unlimited hand size) and his buddy had two of those 2/3 guys that make people draw cards when non-creature spells are played. And a LOT were played. On two different occasions my team mate and I each had 13 cards in hand.

They were at 20-22 with an army of dudes. I had Liliana's Caress in play so that they lose two life on each discard. My buddy then played Vindicate on Vensers Journal, AND used Sign in Blood on the Mach guy so that he lost 2 life and got two more cards.

Proceeding at the end of his next turn after playing as much as he could, and trying to swing with everything to bring us to critical life, he had to discard 11 cards for 22 which just got pummeled in the face for it. Hilarious.
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User Info: Arch_Evil

5 years ago#8
^What a great way to win a game =)

I just played March to War vs Auramancer. He managed to kill off all my creatures, mostly soldiers (one of his creatures had that one enchantment card that forces all my creatures to block it), but after a few turns my creatures blocked that one to death. Unfortunately I was down to 12 hp and no creatures, where as he had around 30+ hp and 2 remaining creatures. Fortunately for me, I had a Searing Meditation on the battlefield, and 2 Recumbent Bliss cards in hand, effectively neutralizing his creatures, and I could wipe out every creature he played after that, and damage him the rest of the times. Ragequit soon followed =)
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User Info: thatgumyouliked

5 years ago#9
Those green creatures that make people draw when non creature cards are played can get crazy. I was once able to defeat all 3 players in an hour long 4 player game on the same turn by getting 2 of them to mill down to zero cards and then casting Sleep on the remaining guy.

Also, once Mirrorworked a Magister Sphinx to change the life totals from 50-2 to 10-10 heh.
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User Info: GreenEagle1120

5 years ago#10
I was playing Ghoulkeeper and I took a full swing with all my zombies. Then since he had 1 health left I used my creature that pings one damage for each zombie on the board and beat him. He cnever saw it coming and was like "What just happened?" We proceded to have a rematch =]
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