Try Fatfinding some time.

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User Info: Xion350

5 years ago#1
Run a brute with Reach and whatever other perk you like the most. With two spinfusor jumps you can easily hit 150-200 km/h. And you STILL have more health than a Pathfinder. Hell, even if you don't get the flag you can throw a few fractals on the stand and make it easier for someone else to grab it.

It honestly teaches you to be a better pathfinder too, since you usually only get one shot at the flag, and the Brute's mass means that it's harder to change course once you're going.
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User Info: Anubis_Drac

5 years ago#2
I prefer JUG for fatfinding. Builds speed quickly and maintains it just as well, and more often than not the health is fully regen'd before I even get to the flagstand. Plus you can clear the flagstand for yourself with little trouble and even punish low-tier/lazy SENs. Plus X1 tears up chasers something fierce - one of the few reasons I even still have a loadout with that weapon is in case the match might call for me to do some fatfinding or escort/carry for the actual FC. A decoy fatfinder is fine too.

inb4 fatfinding only works in pubs

Brute is alright though, and as much as I hate plasma weapons (not fighting them - using them - just not my kind of weapon), I have to admit that if you have the Plasma Cannon, pretty good for anti-chasing.

User Info: Death Durron

Death Durron
5 years ago#3
Had one game with nothing but Fatfinders.... >_> As a HoF Doombringer I might be able to stop 50% of them from getting in/out but the other half often get too far away and our chasers can't stop them either. Strangely enough it was the only game too where I got so many Air Mails with my Titan Launcher.
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User Info: Anubis_Drac

5 years ago#4
Heh...fatfinding has its uses, especially in Blitz.
As for Titan Air Mails, that's actually pretty normal; it's a good direct-hit weapon, especially against slower targets. I don't know the exact projectile collision size, but my guess is that it would be closer to plasma than fusor/bolts.
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  3. Try Fatfinding some time.

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