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User Info: Megawizard

4 years ago#1
It does actually make me feel Ascend has more in common with Aerial Assault than any of the others. And considering AA was a port, yea, that ain't good. Granted I still enjoy Ascend, it just feels lacking. Hopefully they'll take the surveys to heart.
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User Info: Anubis_Drac

4 years ago#2
Indeed. Should be interesting to see the results.
I have mixed feelings about the survey being limited to VIPs though. On one hand, it does sort of help filter feedback to exclude the complete freeloaders and/or folk that aren't particularly familiar with the game and series in general, and hopefully it'll help reduce the "lol improve T:A by making it even more casual-friendly" suggestions. On the flipside, while I'd rather see T:A drift a bit closer towards "obscure but fun; not for every FPS player" than "we know how to appeal to the casual, modern market," they do need to seriously address the divide between competitive and public play - while some differences and balancing issues will always be present, there doesn't have to be nearly as much stratification as there is between the two fields.

I was very happy to see that the Command Map and Map-Making Tools actually made it to the ~pick 2 things you would most like to see implemented~ section; those were my two picks anyways.

Some of the suggestions sounded like absolute landmines though. If they do actually condense the classes into the classic 3 weight categories, they'd bloody better modify every weapon and pack and/or eliminate redundancies.

Bit disappointed that it still looks like they aren't considering anything even remotely close to a weapon trade-in/ class configuration credit system, although maybe that would be a consideration if they do consolidate the classes.

I'm undecided as to the implication of future Shrike changes. If they do change the Shrike, I wouldn't mind seeing them modify the weapons so that it has dumb-fire against non-vehicular targets but has anti-vehicular/objective locking functionality. But really, I think I'd almost prefer that they leave it the way it is, and just adjust other elements of the game to deal with it. Similarly, actually implementing the Havoc transport wouldn't hurt- and doing drive-by shrike downs as a Havoc passenger would be amusing.

User Info: Relle

4 years ago#3
I used the optional comments box to b**** about hitscan weapons. I don't think condensing the classes is a good idea. Most of the classes have a distinct purpose (maybe not the heavy classes).
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User Info: Megawizard

4 years ago#4
I was very happy to see that the Command Map and Map-Making Tools actually made it to the ~pick 2 things you would most like to see implemented~ section; those were my two picks anyways.

Same here. I didn't really have an honest opinion on the Shrike; I barely ever used it since it cost a lot and I hated the weapon on the thing. If they do the class consolidation, I think they'll have to go the T2 route with some slight tweaking: 2 weapons on Light, 3 on Med, 4 on Heavy. Probably adjust ski-levels between them as well.
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User Info: BlueGunstarHero

4 years ago#5
I picked the map-making tool as well, although in retrospect I'm concerned that it'd be wasted if it becomes a reality. What could be a really fantastic way to extend the game's lifespan could just as easily be a bunch of rectangles with awkwardly placed hills with no sense of directional relevance... or worse, maps designed with one specific route in mind that scream IMBA.

Classes could be weird, I appreciate extra customization for loadouts I guess, but it's true that there will end up being some redundancies and imbalances.

I have no strong opinions on health regeneration; I haven't had any negatives for the current setup, and would much rather Hi-Rez focus dev work elsewhere. That said, medi-kits as an outright replacement wouldn't be the worst thing either (although I'm not sure what they mean by having a pak option.
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User Info: twinsfan19

4 years ago#6
Needs map making and demo recording. Needs these because that's what the comp scene needs, and this game is totally dead if the competitive scene doesn't get revived soon.
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