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User Info: C0nan0br1en

6 years ago#1
I'd like to mess around with the amp mode, but I don't know how to access it...

I press X and all the tone slots are locked. How do you unlock them? I've unlocked a couple amps and pedals but can't access them.

I can only choose guitars and go to the store when I press X.

Help would be appreciated.


User Info: maccarnold

6 years ago#2
I have a different problem. I mess with many different things but still get the same sound always. Maybe you need to continue "career mode" and thing will be unlocked along the way.
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User Info: C0nan0br1en

6 years ago#3
I'm almost on level 3, still can't access amp mode. I was under the impression that you could access it from the start. maybe not?

Can anyone help?

User Info: Billaferd

6 years ago#4
To access Amp mode you need to score at least 70,000 points on any song. the easiest way to do this is to play the single note arrangement of Song 2 by Blur. It's not a gimme but it shouldn't be too difficult.

other good candidates are the combo arrangement and the single note arrangement for Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stoneage.

Hope this helps.

User Info: C0nan0br1en

6 years ago#5
Just got it with Stone Temple Pilots, thanks.

User Info: c0rr0s10n

6 years ago#6
The chorded version of Go With the Flow by Queens of the Stoneage <--this was easiest for me, 75,000 first try. its a real simple song only like 4 chord changes the entire song through.

and it was fun. I love the music video for that song.

go to 1:51 for a laugh. take it all you dirty girl!
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