guitar hero guitar lol?

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User Info: jms_209

5 years ago#1
I have the game but don't go get a guitar until next week.......

so does the plastic guitar hero one work?does it lag like the real guitar does?

idk how else to check for lag without an actual guitar lmoa

User Info: jon_dojah

5 years ago#2
its just a wait-n-see sort of thing...some using HDMI experience horrible lag but a few don't...the instructions say to not use HDMI at all for sound but for me there 0ms of lag through my girlfriends its really bad like maybe 30-60ms of lag going through the HDMI.

User Info: jms_209

5 years ago#3
okay,but guitar hero guitar should work........ at least for now?

I hope mine doesn't lag,but idk........does my tv only being 480p help at all?

User Info: jon_dojah

5 years ago#4
do you mean 480i? mostly all tv's that do 480p will also do 1080i...also only real guitars that have a 1/4 cable output will work

User Info: Enix

5 years ago#5
Hopefully this isn't a troll topic... but I'll play along. NO. Simple as that. As a matter of fact, don't even place that plastic piece of junk in the same room as this masterpiece.

User Info: jms_209

5 years ago#6
just for the record the guitar hero isn't mine,but since theirs the fake guitar lying around?
I don't get my guitar yet

seriously though i thought I heard you could use those other guitars too.....sorry if this made me seem like a troll :(

User Info: vJESSEv

5 years ago#7
yes you can use the guitar hero guitar, it just converts all the chords into GH keys on the fly. I beat it today with my gh guitar and have been writing songs and playing freeplay ever since.
Today I step into the shoes of a great man, a man by the name of Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho.

User Info: kommi30

5 years ago#8

Can't fix stupid.

User Info: alphaglider

5 years ago#9
Obvious Troll Is Obvious

User Info: muskett32

5 years ago#10
Yes. You can use it to navigate the menus.
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