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User Info: RebelRonin

5 years ago#1
What does everybody think is the most difficult song in this game?

I have only played about 30 of the songs so far but for me I would have to say the Red Hot Chili Pepper's Higher Ground is the most difficult. There's lots of palm muting combined with fast notes and power chords, and I have problems quickly switching from the lower fret to above the 12th.

The easiest by far is Blur's Song 2. I mastered that in three plays.
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User Info: carlosborja1

5 years ago#2
Song song: That Yellow Chimney band song, that solo is pretty tough to master.

Mastery song: Ricochet is probably the hardest in the game.

User Info: Josh5Freeman

5 years ago#3
I still cant play Satisfaction, yet I mastered Take Me Out in single note and combo. NATIONAL F ING CHAMPIONS

User Info: Sith Jedi

Sith Jedi
5 years ago#4
In-game...probably Ricochet, I hear a lot of shedding but haven't tried leveling it up yet. DLC, Hangar 18 definitely.

User Info: Xerosnake90

5 years ago#5
I'd say, with DLC included, Hangar 18. Aside from the blazing solos, the rhythm parts take some precise riffaje (can't spell with a g or site thinks I'm cursing =P) and constantly keep your hands moving.

I honestly don't like too many of the songs that came with the game and non of them are insanely tough. Outside a quick solo or two at least.
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User Info: RebelRonin

5 years ago#6
I haven't downloaded any DLC yet, but I would have to imagine Hanger 18 would be the most difficult overall. I've practiced Higher Ground a little bit more and now it doesn't seem as hard. The solo for that Tom Petty song seems WAY more difficult by comparison and I've only leveled it up two thirds of the way.
PSN: rebel_ronin
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