which sliders are for you?

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User Info: g goonit

g goonit
5 years ago#1
this is my post from the os board, ive seen alot of slider topics over here so maybe this will help.

. updated almost every slider set with over 1k views, have a few more that will hit that mark soon. gonna try and go back and look at the sliders that were here to see if any significant changes happened.

Ok, so it seems like everyone and their mother has a slider set. Rather than making my own and adding to the problem I plan on listing what sliders are closest to the default difficulties and what the specifics of each by what I found in the set itself.

Now that mkharsh33 has stopped making sliders for madden ive tried a new set and so far they have been very good:

Playmaker's Custom Sliders:
These sliders so far have given me completely even games with 1 drive or sometimes 1 play changing the outcome of the game. Realistic stats and results along with fun gameplay, and a challenge make this a no-brainer pick for me. As far as difficulty goes these seem to be right under the level of all-madden default without the gimmicky ai that all-madden setting usually brings.

For me these sliders work best with the threshold at 47 (default in this set is 45) with 11 min quarters and a few tweaks to make CPU pass blocking better and lowered punt accuracy.

I tried to order these from easiest to hardest but that could change from person to person:

First we have Tomba's Slider set.
These sliders 9 min quarters with a normal speed and 50 threshold. They also have mostly All-Pro stats but with the significant increase to Human Pass Blocking and Run blocking i decided to put these in the Pro category.

Versuz2's sliders are next.
These sliders offer an all pro kind of feel to the Human set with very high CPU sliders. These would seem to work if you feel like All-Pro is your setting but you feel like you score a little more than you should. No quarter time given? Very slow 0 threshold

The Next Sliders are Authentic's sliders and they are the closest to the default All-Pro settings with a few important tweaks.
People who feel that All-Pro is almost 100% correct for them should definitely give these a shot. with a few improvements to the CPU and lowers Human accuracy these might be the sliders you need to get your perfect sim games. These sliders are 12 min sliders with a slow/normal speed and 50 threshold.

Here we have Schnaidt1's sliders.
To me these also go in the All-Pro category, unlike authentics these have decreases in both the Human and CPU skills which could prove to be an interesting alternative if authentics dont give you the right feel. These sliders are 10-12 min sliders with a VERY SLOW speed and a 36 threshold.

Here we have hoosirdaddy's All Pro Sliders.
These sliders are also a pretty basic alternate for close to All-Pro skill level players. 12 min Slow and 65 Threshold

User Info: g goonit

g goonit
5 years ago#2
The next sliders on the list are Ankido's sliders.
These sliders include lowers Human offensive skills and raises the human defense. They also have all the CPU sliders in the high range too which are a different take on sliders so far this year. I haven't had a chance to test these yet but I would assume they would have games that give a good challenge with the high overall AI and the difficuly to the Human controlled aspects. Although with these you could the "cheap" defense that the default All-Madden setting would have with a somewhat balance with your defense having the same high ratings. 13 min quarters with normal speed and 100 threshold

Next we have a slider set that does the exact opposite of ankido's with brady2ocho4td's slider set.
These sliders provide both the Human and CPU with high accuracy ratings with the rest of the sliders being in the low 0-25 range. These sliders would seem to have a game where there are alot of dropped balls with the catching on both teams so low especially with the high Human and CPU pass defense reaction times. 8 min Very Slow 0 threshold.

Panthergm305's sliders are the next I will discuss.
These sliders are about in the middle of the All-Pro/All-madden difficulty. These sliders focus on low sliders across the board with low pass rushing and block shedding which should provide some interesting line play. They also have a lowered tackling slider which has been discussed to actually affect a lot more than just tackles but idk if its been proven yet. These would be a great alternative to mkharsh33's sliders if those don't provide the numbers you are looking for. The only thing im worried about is high kickoff power and short quarters but of course those aren't set in stone. 7 min quarters Very Slow and 0 threshold

Trinity's Sliders can be found here:
These sliders are another All-Pro/All-Madden set which seem to favor players that are better offensively than defensively. Low accuracy with high reactions times on defense could be what you need if you cant seem to stop the passing game in the other All-Pro/All-Madden slider sets. Along with the recently updated pass rush for the CPU and Human to help in that regard, and updated run sliders. 12 min Slow and 40 threshold

These are mkharsh33's sliders. These seem to fall in between the All-Pro and All-Madden difficulties with a near perfect balance IMO. His sliders include mostly lowered Human sliders and raised CPU sliders with mutual lowerings to sliders of int's and tackling.

These next sliders seem to be the most difficult on the forums. Use Jarrod21's sliders if you feel the All-Pro/All-Madden sliders are too easy for you.
These have low Human sliders with high CPU sliders in a fashion jarrod21 feels is balanced. I only tried these for a few games and lemme tell you they are tough. Not that that is a bad thing in any way though, for people who are pretty good at this game this could be the way you get solid sim results. On top of the difficult settings he runs with 10-11 min sliders with a Very fast speed and 0 threshold even though he doesnt specify which anyone needs to use.

User Info: g goonit

g goonit
5 years ago#3
along with these sliders ill post what kind of difficulty they seem to be. after time will probably integrate them all in to one easiest -> difficult order but I dont want the new sliders to just blend into the old ones and vice versa.
9/9/11 additions:

Blue Ninja's All-Madden sliders:
These seem to be one of the best sliders on these boards if used right. With this slider set ALL cPU and Human sliders are the same which leads to noone having an unfair advantage. With the lowered sliders from passing to the oline you better get used to using slide protections and learning how to pump fake effectively. I'm looking forward to testing these more to post better findings, but with all the other new sliders I couldn't give these ALL my testing time. Slow threshold and no specific game clock (I used 11-12 min)

Celg35's "Solid" (Pro/All-Pro)Sliders:
These sliders are pretty straight forward either 65/55/50 across the board for Human depending on your normal difficulty **Along with Very Slow/Slow/Normal speed to go along with your default difficulty**, and 100 across the board for the CPU regardless of your difficulty. Here is another set of Pros being Pros sliders but on an easier general difficulty than playmaker's set. If you are good but not great at madden and don't want the player to seem like amatuers on the field then these could be the sliders for you. Very Slow/Slow/Normal speed with 100 threshold and no defined quarter length.

JD_Seven All-Pro/All-Madden Sliders:
These are like the other All-Pro/All-Madden sliders with its own unique twist. These have high CPU sliders with a few Human sliders bumped up to even out the playing field, along with low qb accuracy and ints. Still have to test these more but they seem to be a good alternative if other sliders in the range aren't feeling right. Beware though with the high CPU defense sliders these could lead to some frustrating comeback AI but it wasn't too bad in the few games I tried them. Slow/Normalwith 0 threshold.

Therizing02's All-Madden Sliders:
Like Blue Ninja's sliders, these have the Human and CPU settings pretty close. With these sliders however the cpu has a few advantages. An even lower tackle slider should prove for even better tackle animations. With Human and CPU reaction times down to 0 along with other offensive sliders lowered it could rule out the sometimes gimmicky defense in madden. Slow/Normal? (not specified) and 50 threshold.

KBLover All-Pro Sliders:
Another slider set which is similar to the All-Pro default with a few key spots lowered for both sides to help even out the game. Human and CPU players should see easier times passing than running with these sliders, which could actually be a good thing since alot of the other sliders I've played with have been me getting 2 YPC on some to 9 YPC on others. These sliders don't seem too tough from the first glance, but then you notice the Very Fast game speed and then you have to really be on you're toes and make good quick decisions. 10-12 min/ Very Fast / 50 threshold

interesting enough that I felt I had to post them anyway. 12min/FAST/35 threshold

User Info: g goonit

g goonit
5 years ago#4
Giant4Natic's All-Pro/All-Madden sliders:
Although by nature I have to hate these sliders because his name alone(eagles fan) I figured I'd give them a shot for all you nice people out there on the OS forums. These sliders are another All-Pro/All-Madden alternate with again its own unique take on what's fair. Again if you don't feel the others in the range are good then try these out they seem to run similar games when I've tested them. Only issue for me is the low qp accuracy for the CPU, with the ammount of pressure I got it didn't seem fair by the end of most games but thats an easy user preference tweak. 15min/Very slow or Slow/ 47 threshold

Jesus' Custom Sliders:
*insert crappy religous joke here* Ok now that that's out of the way these sliders seem to be in the Pro/All-Pro difficulty from a glance but with the Fast game speed the difficulty could easily be All-Pro/All-Madden if you aren't used to the setting. Pretty evenly distributed stats with CPU higher in a few areas to keep it fair. Haven't gotten the chance to test these enough yet for a good description but the games I was getting were

User Info: Stevenuccj

5 years ago#5
Thanks g -

I am looking for sliders and maybe you can help me determine which ones I should try first.

I normally play on All-Pro but that has gotten too frustrating this year. I can usually win but I can barely throw the ball because too many INTs by both LBs and DBs...

So I switched to Pro where I win every game usually putting up 25-30 points and allowing 0-6 points. Its more fun but getting a little old now.

On both difficulties there are too many sacks both ways and too many cheap INTs both ways. I play 6 mins normal time but would be willing to switch to slow if it helps.

Looking forward to your advice


User Info: g goonit

g goonit
5 years ago#6
try versuz2 or authentics sliders their on the first page, they are close to all-pro but modified a little. or you could use the base all-pro and try dropping the cpu int slider to about 40, any lower than that then the cpu will drop the easiest picks. if still too tough lower the cpu pass reaction by about 5 ticks at a time to see whats best for you

User Info: Stevenuccj

5 years ago#7
Will try. Thanks.
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