Defending the Deep Pass over the Middle

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User Info: ASAC_Schrader

5 years ago#1
I can't stop this for the life of me. I play with some friends, and every time we play he absolutely destroys me with his tight ends. He'll run a post route from the slot / TE position or an outright streak and he constantly burns me. It's so frustrating having him on third and long and completing these passes seeming at will.

I've tried...
- man
- cover 2 (quarter, dime)
- 3 deep (quarter)
- blitzing
- controlling the LB and running with the TE (usually get out-ran)
- controlling the safety (I'm terrible at this, because the timing of "ball swat" on defense has changed so dramatically from the PS2 Madden games)
- controlling a lineman and pass-rushing (anytime I give up a big pass and complain, my friends always say, "just let the CPU defenders make the play")

Is the DB AI in this game just that terrible, or am I really that bad? If you're controlling the safety, what's the best way to defend a pass? Get in front of the receiver and hit swat? Get in front and jump and try to catch it? etc..

I think Madden has made some major realism strides since the PS2 days, but this deep pass crap seems like a huge flaw. We complete them way too often in our games.
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User Info: TheUsed91BCR

5 years ago#2
I came in prepared to say just try to user him, but it looks as though you've tried everything. I guess just practice as the safety and anticipate if he will cut for the post or if not you know he's going to just be streaking. Also, try pressing his guys at the line, it might disrupt his play long enough for you to get pressure
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User Info: ASAC_Schrader

5 years ago#3
By the way, just as a little background here: I played Madden on PS2 a ton. Thousands of hours. I've played Madden 2012 about 10 times. I don't even own the game, or a PS3 for that matter. It's very hard to shake habits / tendencies from the PS2 days -- it's like they're ingrained into my head.
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User Info: My_death

5 years ago#4
Yeah it seem like u try just about everything. The only i can think of its to go nickle and double man the TE He likes. Have the nickle CB and a LB on man on the TE. But play deep cover. This will usually stop the deep ball but it will let the run go fre
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User Info: josefrees

5 years ago#5
Cover 3. Or double TE in 4-3 defense.

And I used to play the crap out of PS2 Maddens (infinitely times better than this garbage) and your best general bet is to just get used to the swat timing.

User Info: best_inthe_game

5 years ago#6

Well it can depend on your personnel like I play with the raiders usually run nickel D as base with the free safety which is usually DVD in a deep middle since I move Huff to corner and rarely does a TE get past him unless he bites on a reciever running a slant the only TEs I ever have problem with are V.Davis & A.Gates but those are because of corner routes.


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User Info: the_doormat

5 years ago#7
User the safety over the top. Run man coverage. Strafe and pick it. Works best in a blitz so he feels rushed to throw it.

User Info: Garviel_Lokan

5 years ago#8
Cover 3, user the safety if he sucks.
Cover 4 out of the 3 lineman nickle or the dime will work wonders for you.
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User Info: gatorsPENSbucs

5 years ago#9
Do a zone and have your faster DE line up over the TE and audible/hot route him to man cover the TE. You'll have the DE running with him and then help all over the place with your zone players.
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