This game is better than the 360 version.

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User Info: josefrees

5 years ago#1
Don't even need to play it. Have fun!

User Info: DIstance77

5 years ago#2
Yes, the game is better on the ps2 than the 360 version. the 360 version has never surpassed the ps2 version. real sports gamers know this to be true. madden on ps2 is by far a better simulation of football than the 360 version. the cpu and control responsiveness, the animations the collision are light years ahead of the 360 version. the frame rate is smoother, everything is just better. and the graphics still look incredible on PS2. but the only thing that keeps madden on ps2 from being true football greatness is...
the lack of a lateral button.

to some it may be a small thing, but if madden on ps2 had a lateral button like it had in the ncaa games, i would buy it. a lateral is a part of football. at any time NFL players can lateral the ball in real life, but in madden on ps2 you can't. the lateral has to be done correctly in a video game. laterals are hard to program, but they had it pretty good in ncaa football 08 on ps2.

for laterals to work, you have to really work on a.i. and getting the a.i. to react to laterals intelligently. I think EA owes its gamers a future version of madden on ps2 with the lateral. Some option plays would be nice, but it's the open field lateral button that is missing from madden. in ncaa on ps2 there was only 1 stiff arm button, in madden on ps2 there are two stiff arm buttons instead of the lateral. maybe there could be an alternate control scheme. one version with a lateral and 1 stiff arm button and the other with the two stiff arm buttons. or maybe even a lateral left and a lateral right button, with jukes and stiff arms each only needing 1 button and a move with the analog stick. (or a modifier button) i think if EA implemented the lateral in a revolutionary way for madden 13, it would make the PS2 madden a huge hit. think about how fun it would be to keep plays alive with the lateral programmed correctly in that amazing madden ps2 engine.

besides that, Madden on PS2 has deep gameplay and a challenging cpu opponent. it's really smooth and looks great, and really gives you convincing football in a way that the 360 version cannot produce. the funny thing is on the 360 version of madden they have a lateral button. isn't it cruel that in the best version they don't have the lateral. it is frustrating to see the best engine not evolve to its full potential because they are too busy on the 360 version. would anyone else like to see a lateral on ps2 madden? maybe an ea dev will read this and think about doing this for madden 13.
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  3. This game is better than the 360 version.

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