Are the old skylanders a waste? Please read below ;)

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User Info: xVOODOOx

5 years ago#1
Hi all,

Just got into skylanders myself and so far I have collected around 14 or so. I just read online that there is a new game coming out called Giants. I read that the old skylanders will work with the game, BUT will not be able to level. Instead, you have to buy the same skylanders over (with new poses) since they are the only ones able to level higher then 10. So my questions is, is it even worth collecting and playing the older skylanders?
Honestly it seems since you really cant do much with them in Giants, you going to have to re-collect the same guys over.

I feel now that I might as well take some back that I still have boxed and just wait for the giants release ;/

Any advice/help would be great


User Info: zinformant

5 years ago#2
We'll have more details later. For now, it's more sensationalist speculation than anything. We do know they're rereleasing some characters, but what we do not know is what the limitations of our curremnt Champions will be. Time will tell, but it may not hurt to play with some while they sit in the box just in case.
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User Info: xVOODOOx

5 years ago#3
Thank you for the reply,

Ya its one of those guessing games. I will admit I am having a blast playing the game, but I would hate to see the older versions become useless. I checked on a few different websites and they basically have stated the same thing. The re-poses will work on both games and will have a higher level cap. The only ones that won't work on the old game are the giants and the NEW characters. It totally seems that the old ones will become obsolete ;/

I hope not since I want to collect them all, but if thats the case Id rather just save my money for the new ones

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#4
The only news we've heard that is frustrating is that the level cap will apply to the older figures. However, after raging about it for a few days I'm not as worried. Remember that Level ONLY changed your HP Max. If this is the case, the level restrictions might actually be a way to adjust the challenge of the new game. If that's the case, I'm not so worried. If there are new exclusive upgrades to re-released characters in GIants, yeah... that would suck.
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User Info: heartl355

5 years ago#5

Your Welcome ^_^
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User Info: xVOODOOx

5 years ago#6
Awesome, I did not know that leveling ONLY increases the HP. I'm assuming then the heroic challenges and hats contribute to the rest of the stats. (I only been playing for about a week).

Now if this is the case then the older skylanders would work since its only an increase in HP and as stated below could make the game a bit more challenging. The article you attached was nice but didn't really discuss the re-posed figurines.

Try this article for size and see what you guys make of it. About halfway down the page is about how the figures(I think) will work.

User Info: xVOODOOx

5 years ago#7
I have been looking around the forums again and I havent come across anything stating about the HP difference. Does someone have a link or article stating the only difference is the HP?

User Info: azrael427

5 years ago#8
Activision has yet to confirm the old figures won't be able to achieve a new level cap. If they did limit the old skylanders they would be shooting themselves in the foot. Alot of people I know would not purchase the new game just out of spite of that fact. If Activision is smart they will allow the old skylanders to level up as its just a number inside the RF chip.
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  3. Are the old skylanders a waste? Please read below ;)

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