Transfer money between Skylanders

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User Info: Bhaal42

5 years ago#1
I've 3 Skylanders that got their tech tree maxed out, and they got like 1 or 2k gold left in their wallet. Is there any way to get back this money, so that I can use it with others?

User Info: godlytim

5 years ago#2
I would like to know as well.

User Info: Rossmacdaddy

5 years ago#3
Warning: Drinking may cause memory loss. Or worse, memory loss.

User Info: Neo_Rizer

5 years ago#4
As the above poster said, just to clarify, you cannot transfer gold between Skylanders.

This is just one of those rules enforced so that you have no choice but to experience the figurine from the ground up.

It'd be pretty silly for you to spend 9 - 10 dollars on a character only to have ANOTHER character boost them.

All the characters are good in their own way, you just need to figure out how to use them and grinding them up helps with that. Just head to the Lair of Kaos and learn how to use them while you grind up money / XP.

Trust me, taking a level 1 character in to the final level, you learn how to use them pretty fast, otherwise you die quickly.
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