Help with the First Ghost Q Battle...

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User Info: Aldath

5 years ago#1
Ok guys, I'm getting my ass kicked HARDER than with any other DS1 boss...

My character is LVL 20 with Ice Dance, Elec Dance and Agi, with a Kimuura (or whatever the fairy fruit with force dance is called) and Moh Shvuh (both with all abbilities unlocked...)

My character's stats are:

STR: 7
MAG: 16
VIT: 6
AGIL: 10

I pretty much suck at team building as well -.- And grinding gives me nearly no-experience at all... My dances do 80+ damage, but Tobyou and that Gohst Q are the problem... when I reach Q my magic is either drained, or he has 2 turn in a row and attacks me from afar with God-knows-how-many stuff...
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User Info: Ssa00

5 years ago#2
You don't get exp from grinding because you are way overlevelled.

Also, update your demons. At MC level 20, you should not be using that Kikimora anymore. In general, when your demons' base levels are 5 levels below the MC, it's time to fuse new ones because there's penalty for underlevelled demons.

Why does MC equip ice dance and elec dance when the boss requires force/force dance? You should abuse enemies' weaknesses by adjusting character skills every battle.

Strat for ghost Q has been discussed here

User Info: Nights85

5 years ago#3
You're going to want a demon with "Sacrifice" to recover some MP. I had Abraxas. You could also switch out demons and when they run out of MP if you wanted.

Ghost Q basically has "Chaos Wave." So his attack range is three. Do not move into range of that. If you can't get right next to him on your turn, only move in close enough to cover some distance while still staying out of his attack range. Move in for the kill on your next turn.

I also had Ubelluris for "Double Up." Not saying you need him, but it's good insurance.
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User Info: brStalker

5 years ago#4
IIRC I faced him with Angel and Sarasvati. He fell in one turn...
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User Info: Valinne

5 years ago#5
What I did was set up my main character to kill Ghost Q, and then get as many powerful demons as I could as backup. There's no rush, so I went the long way and took out most of the subordinates while summoning more demons after mine died. Then, just unleashed on Ghost Q. I think it took 2-3 turns.

User Info: Shindou765

5 years ago#6
Angel is probably one of the better demons to use here. With Dia and Blood Wine, she can sustain your team for an infinite amount of turns. She also has the wanted Force dance for this battle.

Kill all enemies but one Toubyou in one team. Then Ghost Q won't run away, and there will be no demon nuisances.
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User Info: Zarzha

5 years ago#7
talk about over level'd.....I killed him at 17 (that is with gaining 2 levels during the battle, started at 15). I was wondering howcome your stats were off the charts....then i read lvl 20.

Here are the key preparations
1. have a good stock of demons available for in battle summoning. Preferrable with all elements, and physical.

2. snake and constriction is your best friend if you are being attacked by multiple demons.

3. make sure you can heal.

4. figure out the team you will face Q with, usually using physical/force dance. If you are lvl 20, you have no idea how ridiculous Gouki with berserk, or nekomata with multi-hit is. If you are that overleveled, you should aggravate, and then use aggravate, go in with berserk on gouki and multi-hit on nekomata, didn't test it myself, but i am sure that's one hit ko material.

Key Points:

1. Snake + constriction is your best friend. If you don't know yet, getting attacked lowers your turn bonus if you took action in that fight (anything besides guard), which is why a lot of turns would come around. Constriction reduces extra turns when enemy attacks you because they don't get the +5 initiative bonus.

2. Figure out who you are summoning. Try to kill everything but one group of demons before going up to fight Q. Figure out the order of weakness you can exploit, but usually it is just wind -> fire.

Result: I used at least 8 demons at lvl 15 to finish this battle, I am sure lvl 20 is a lot easier. Don't be afraid to use multiple demons.

User Info: Aldath

5 years ago#8
Ok guys thanks ^^;
<_< Ok... if you guys managed to do it at LVL 15... and I had to spend hours and hours grinding like an idiot.. I can imagine how "pretty" the test of the game will be... n_n;
"imagine if Metallica got together with the Power Rangers and the coolest kids in school and had a party in your mouth, and you were invited" THE_WIND

User Info: Plasma EXE

Plasma EXE
5 years ago#9
Fuse Angel and your MP problems should be addressed. Leave one of the Tobayou things alive so that he does not run away.
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