What do you personally like to call AO?

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  3. What do you personally like to call AO?

User Info: Kiniest

5 years ago#1
He has so many names, and I know we mostly refer to AO as, well, AO, but, it's fun to call him what you want. I personally like to call him Blue.
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User Info: Hitoshura9999

5 years ago#2
All is a duck
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User Info: RyoKaiba

5 years ago#3
Al. Because it's short for Al-Saiduq and Alcor.
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User Info: Sheumin

5 years ago#4
I call him Alcor. That's his real name, right?

My friend says Al Saiduq is pronounced as 'psy-duke', so. I don't want to ruin pronunciation, you know.

User Info: LoveLightning

5 years ago#5
Psyduck like the Pokemon.
~Those legs~

User Info: Jupiterservant

5 years ago#6
Box inside a box.

User Info: _Changed_Daily_

5 years ago#7
Since I did AO route first the first actual name he gave me was Al Saiduq, so that's what I refer to him as, though I use AO for its shortness.
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User Info: kuradjinn

5 years ago#8
Alcor or AO, since not everyone knows him by Al Saiduq.
...and good luck with that.
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User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

5 years ago#9

From: Jupiterservant | #006
Box inside a box.

I could make a "Boxception" joke but...

I already did. >_>
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User Info: BigJeffreyLane

5 years ago#10
LoveLightning posted...
Psyduck like the Pokemon.

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  3. What do you personally like to call AO?

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