Holy Dance - only 2 hits?

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User Info: BrDPirateMan

5 years ago#1
So here's something I don't get. According to the in-game description, Holy Dance hits for 2 - 5 times. In reality, the most I get is the minimum of two times. If I'm lucky I get three but I never see it go past four. Five is impossible.

Is this something to do with the difference between the Magic stats for your demon and the opponent, or something else? Just wondering. 'Cause Zaou Gongen with 40 STR and 40 MAG is awesome but still can't hit past two times with Holy Dance. Baffling at best...

User Info: SkeletonHero

5 years ago#2
Not sure what determines it, but five is possible. I've seen it all of once. My personal best grand total was 6, with 4 from the first use and another 2 from the Dual Shadow effect.

Also keep in mind that, at 40 MAG, you're probably killing most enemies in 2 hits, so 2 hits is all you're going to see.

User Info: CloseTheMoon

5 years ago#3
My Makoto has done a 5 hit HD on Polaris.

So it is possible.

Though the damage of HD for someone who has Magic 40 is already strong enough so my guess is 3 is the highest to kill a normal demon team.
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User Info: BrDPirateMan

5 years ago#4
I agree that at 40 MAG it's not surprising to kill off a normal demon team with only 2 or 3 hits of Holy Dance. But in the optional fight against Lilith, Zaou Gongen hit her only three times at most. You'd have thought that when you're up against a powerful beastie you'll deal more hits, right? But no... only 2 or 3 hits.

Oh well, probably doesn't matter much since 40 MAG is overkill. I was just curious as to why it was like that, is all.

User Info: HiddenDoorway

5 years ago#5
The probability is determined before battle. It determines whether your dance spells will hit 2-3, 3-4, or 3-5 times, with 3-5 being uncommon.
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User Info: Cogito

5 years ago#6
Vs 1 => 2-3 Hit, Vs 2 => 2-4 Hit and vs 3 => 2-5 Hit
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