Few macca grinding/completing compendium questions

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  3. Few macca grinding/completing compendium questions

User Info: RHelgDrez

5 years ago#1
I'm on my third playthrough and I have all the rewards unlocked. I'm working on getting my last three unique endings and completing all the titles.

One title I'm working on is completing my compendium. I still have about 95 demons to fuse to unlock that title (maybe a couple more - I extrapolated that number from the Fusion Search / Registered: No search, but I think a couple of combinations are missing.

Anyway, I'm trying to get this done without wasting too much time. As I said, I have all the rewards unlocked, including the 50% compendium discount.

1) What is the best macca grinding spot? I'm up to the point where I can find BLZB. Is his battle the best spot, or is there anything on Day 7 or Day 8 that outstrips this battle?

2) How does Moneybags work? Does it stack? If I give the two demons on my team, and the MC, the Moneybags skill, do their bonuses stack?

3) What's the best methodology to apply to quickly and cheaply fill out my compendium? I assume it's: Rank up demons that can be ranked up (using the lowest cost one I have registered for that race with the cheapest rank up element/rank down demons that can only be ranked down, using the highest cost demon that I have registered for that race. Are there any races that can't be ranked down? I guess Fiends are unique fusions, right? Anything else?

4) This is probably impossible for you to gauge, but how much macca do you think I might need to get this done? I have about 95 demons left, all the way from level 20 demons to a level 88 Alice, so it's a wide variance.

User Info: DynamicJumpIuff

5 years ago#2
1. Bealzy is the best grinding spot for.. Well anything.

2. I never tried stacking the effects myself but I know you do gain an extra 20% to the total Macca you earn after each skirmish.

3. Ranking them up/down is fast and cheap, using the search function on the Cathedral of Shadows will show you what you have left to fuse.

4. You'll probably reach the Macca cap from Bellzeboo (999,999) which should be enough to get whatever you need unless you plan on summoning 24 Da Pengs or 24 Nebiros'.
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User Info: RHelgDrez

5 years ago#3
Perfect, thanks! BLZB it is.

Why does everyone love Da Peng so much?

User Info: Cogito

5 years ago#4

1. Lord of Flies.
2. +20% Macca for each moneybags, until +60%.
3. Hero and Fiend, I recall

5. Da Peng is the highest base level Avian and also non-unique.
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User Info: RHelgDrez

5 years ago#5

I guess I never really used Avians in either DS:O or DS2. Though I admit Winged Flight is nice. +2 range without having to Devil Speed/Devil Flash.

I decided to level up my generic Da Peng and generic Abaddon while I farm macca.

Thanks for all the help, folks.
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  3. Few macca grinding/completing compendium questions

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