When it comes with the SMT series...

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User Info: foo136

5 years ago#51
cheatermaster posted...
To be honest, I'm not into religion. But I always would love to believe that God is and always has been a perfectly benevolent being who loves and cares all living things.

To be fair, God is portrayed as a dick in the Old Testament too. Instead of trying to sway people into living a righteous life, he just kills them. God performs a LOT of genocide in the OT. That god is not an omnibenevolent being, he is more like a spoiled brat that, instead of sharing his toys with someone else, he'd just break them so no one can play with them. This is more or less the same god as YVHV. If he was truly omnibenevolent then humans would never go to hell and would have an infinite amount of time to learn from their mistakes--like reincarnation--and there would be no hell. If he is truly omniscient, then he's even more of a dick because he would already know a soul is going to hell before it's made, thus making souls just to damn them.

SPOILERS FOR DeSu1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
At least Naoya/Cain seems to have plenty of chances to change his ways.

The reason the law paths can seem "bad" is because to have true law you must do away with free will and/or individuality. The angels have no free will and they obey god accordingly. He made "man" to have free will--but it's more like "do what I say or go to hell" which is *sort of* free will. This is just like taxes. You don't *have* to pay them on time, you just pay more for it later.

I'm really curious as to what version of YVHV this is (or if it's a chimera). The OT God creates everything, so he is the source of all evil. It was mentioned that this YVHV is not the source of evil. This YVHV also must not be omnipotent, since he has a problem with evil and chaos. If he was omnipotent then he could easily settle things. Does anyone know what YVHV this is?
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