F1 explained! FAQ for New Players of F1 2011 and know little about the real F1

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    I bought this game last year after glowing reviews having known NOTHING about Formula 1. What happened next was becoming obsessed with the game, as well as the sport.

    So hopefully this will help those not familair with it in general and help them decide if this is a the game for them.

    Overview: This is a sim racer based on the actual sport of Formula 1 (strictly in terms of licensing, this like an equivalent of a European Nascar game.) You do NOT need to know anything about the actual sport to enjoy it. That was very true for me anyway.

    Quick FYI on the gist of real Formula One: F1 cars are NOT built equal. They are held to specific (VERY specific) parameters and standards. But teams are able to make their (for example) chassis a certain way, design wings and body elements differently, so long as it all complies with FIA standards.

    Given this, there is a performance divide between upper tier teams vs. lower teams and it's mostly based on how much money the teams have or invest. Lower teams are usually the first to bring in new drivers because they are cheap contracts and the drivers are anxious to join F1. If the drivers excel, they are usually eventually signed to higher paid contracts with better teams.

    In real life, the current Tiers can be generally viewed as follows (subjective):

    Tier 1: Red Bull, McLaren, Ferrari
    Tier 2: Mercedes, Renault
    Tier 3: Williams, Force India, Sauber, Toro Rosso
    Tier 4: HRT, Virgin, Lotus

    12 teams, 24 drivers (2 drivers for each team).

    Q: What makes F1 2011 different from your general run-of-the-mill racers?

    A: Basically, everything. It is a sim racer and quite challenging, even at lower difficulties. Do not be dissuaded...with practice and patience, lower difficulties are too easy and you'll find yourself removing assists or upping AI to provide a challenge.

    The key differences are the formats and regulations in terms of the practice, qualifying and race formats, as well as the finicky rules of F1.

    You'll need to master attending a lot more than just keeping the car on the track -- fuel use, tire wear, when to pit, what tires to use given the conditions, DRS and KERS use, etc. All these things are being managed while on the track. Some things are determined in the garage (paddock) before the race.

    Also, you are working against the elements. A wet race can have a very different outcome than a dry one. And the weather can change MID-SESSION, so don't count on the starting weather being the same at the end.

    Lastly, very technical details come into play in F1 2011, namely things like Tire Temperature, Track Temperature, etc. Cold tires = slower car. Cold track = slower car. Likewise, the track itself literally gets faster the more than cars are on it and this even carries over from Practice to Race Day.

    If you love speed and you love all these types of details, this game is likely for you.

    Q: What team do I start with?

    A: I suggest Williams or Force India, as they will start you off with KERS (more on this later), something missing from the Tier 4 teams (but can be earned later via R & D.)
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