I have it.

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User Info: truesubzero

6 years ago#1
I picked it up today.And played it 1 hour so far.
The game is pretty good,it's not super but it gets the job done.
Lots of content for a portable game.
Graphics are not that good for a 3DS game.But decent for a first F1 game on 3DS.The 3d effect is very badly done and i turned it of immediately.But that's my personal taste.
The cars control good.And there is a steering sensitivity option.So you can adjust it to your likings.And there is a good sense of speed if you drive fast.
Also the sound is very good.Cars sound like they should and the menu music is like in the console versions.
I couldn't test out online multiplayer because there is nobody online
If someone wants to know more about the game i will answer your questions.

User Info: darrencorgan

6 years ago#2
The first reviews for this game are (very) positive, I'm interested.
Is this better than ridge racer? the new need for speed?
how's the sense of speed? how long does it take to get used to the controls?
is this game hard? thanks a lot.

User Info: truesubzero

6 years ago#3
If you look at the graphics then Ridge Racer is definitely the better game.
You can't compare both games gameplay wise because they are both totally different games.
It's up to your own taste if you want an arcade racer a or more simulation type racer.
I didn't play NFS the run so i can't compare to that.
Controls are easy to learn,after a few laps you are used to it.
You can set the AI difficulty to easy,normal or hard.And allot of driving aids you can turn on.So you can make the game as difficult or easy as you want.
And for your question about the sense of speed.I mentioned that in my first post.

User Info: AntiSocial

6 years ago#4
That sucks to hear about nobody playing it online. The new Need For Speed on 3DS has that exact same problem. A fun game but very few people play it and that kinda kills the replay value.

If this keeps up I'm worried 3rd party devs will be less likely to include online modes in their 3DS games because they'll think nobody wants it. :(
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User Info: darrencorgan

6 years ago#5
Yes, exactly. plus, mariokart 7 comes out next week... no good.

User Info: Ducutzu2

6 years ago#6
I got the game and, I must say, the comments of the topic author are spot on.

The controls are intuitive and there seems to be a lot of content. But the graphics and the 3D effect are very, very disappointing.

User Info: Sura4321

6 years ago#7

it sadden me to see people only care for graphics but not gameplay, okay ik agree that the graphics are bad, even Gt4 for ps2 looks ten times better, but the gameplay of this game seems to be hella fun, i checked up some gameplay vids on the youtube, btw does this game have online? i haven't got the game yet & i can't find any info about it.

User Info: Ducutzu2

6 years ago#8
Sura4321 posted...
it sadden me to see people only care for graphics but not gameplay

You have a major point there.

I certainly do not prefer games that look stunning but have boring gameplay.

To be honest, the gameplay IS addictive. Races do get your heart beating, even when you are alone on the racing track. And the game feels like Formula1.

Ten–fifteen years ago, my PC was way too slow to run an F1 game at a decent framerate. And this game runs smoothly, even in a race with 24 cars.

Concerning the 3D effect, switching the camera from the default "near view" to the "far view" solves a great deal of the problem.

Concerning the graphics, some aspects that are nicely done are the dynamic shadow of your car, the way tyre tracks accumulate on the road during laps, and the sheen on the tracks in certain parts.

The disappointing aspect are the incredibly bad textures on some objects. This includes your own car, when you use the in–car camera view. That view had the potential to be awesome. Instead, it sucks. The logos on some cars look like badly compressed JPG images.

On the tracks itself, certain objects like trees and some ads are rather crudely done. This attracts your attention when you first see the game and, frankly, fails to wow. However, those are the objects that you don't watch during the race. Once you get in the flow of the race, it starts to look like you are watching F1 on a very small TV screen.

In conclusion, turn off the assists and start tweaking the car. You can play it as an arcade game, which is nice, I guess. But Ridge Racer 3D is much better as an arcade game (I just love that game and I recommend it from all my heart).

So this is Formula 1 on your handheld, with lots of different racing tracks. Quite nice, if you think about it.

User Info: joelang12

6 years ago#9
cant wait to pick it up
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User Info: StatePen

6 years ago#10
This is a very good game. My guess is that the reviewers who gave it a super low score have no clue about F1 racing. You have to tweak the controls some to make the driving smoother, but once that's one the control is very good, and the framerate is rock solid. There are a ton of game modes and options. The career mode is deep. I'm more than satisfied with this game considering it is on a handheld.
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