I hope this is going to be based on the PS2 version

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  3. I hope this is going to be based on the PS2 version

User Info: fanboymaycry

6 years ago#21
GabrielX-X posted...
No GC port? than no buy thnaks!

Agreed. PS2 version was **** compared to the Cube. The Wii/Cube versions are clearly preferable, therefore I'll pass on this one in favor of those.

Don't want an inferior port in every way with a few sprinkles of content added for "compensation" but I do hope the people who buy this enjoy it.

User Info: ShadowRaiden00

6 years ago#22
We need:

GC Difficulty
PS2 Extras
Wii Controls
360 Graphics
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User Info: GabrielX-X

6 years ago#23

They should bring us the other RE series from GC like (RE:Zero, RE:Rebirth) for an HD version...yeah that would superb.

User Info: BattleAxeRX

6 years ago#24
The non pal GCN version had the best weapon balance IMO, although I think a few tweaks could help... Buff the first 2 shotguns or nerf the striker a bit. (I say make the normal shotgun exclusive critical hit % increase) Maybe increase the Riot gun's damage to 12 (8 or 10 at range) The striker has so much good in it even without it being strong, so giving the riot gun more strength won't hurt the striker's usefulness.

The BAR is a good option for its extra 3 damage and space saving aspect over the SAR.

Then add a bunch of extras and add some stuff from the "Should they add anything" topic.
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User Info: fluffy_kins

6 years ago#25

RE4 really does look that bad. I tried playing it recently on an 1080p hdtv with the component cables and it just looked like a blurry mess. The graphical update is welcome.

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  3. I hope this is going to be based on the PS2 version

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