There should be an achievement for...

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User Info: Oldskool_Rulez

6 years ago#1
... shooting the lake :)

Still can't believe Capcom decided on re-releasing this and CVX, still cool though.
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User Info: tisuko

6 years ago#2
haha the lake. such good times!!
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User Info: BlackRob183

6 years ago#3
Does anybody know how to get to the lake?! Do you know how to get to the lake?!
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User Info: Bardock47

6 years ago#4

You know the lake with the fish boss fight?....There s no way around it, its required to move on.

User Info: seb03

6 years ago#5
There should be an achievement for making Ashley call you a pervert
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User Info: ifritsparda

6 years ago#6
Sitting in the chair.

Flipping your gangster hat.

Suffering through every special death
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User Info: Hyrulian15

6 years ago#7
boomerthom posted. . .

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User Info: Crabcake90210

6 years ago#8
There should be one called One with the gun. By this you could only use one gun in the game. Only using the knife is impossible. Maybe one could be called Arachnoid. You would have to kill all spiders in the game.
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  3. There should be an achievement for...

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