CO-OP Merceneries?

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User Info: Takfujii

6 years ago#1
Possibly online?

User Info: alex91093

6 years ago#2
I hope so.
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User Info: Ribbercage93

6 years ago#3
I was also thinking this. Its unlikely but would be a fantastic addition. God I cannot wait to play this in HD!
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User Info: AgentX7k

6 years ago#4

User Info: este914

6 years ago#5
That would be awesome... RE4 was my favorite mercenaries and co-op would make it sweeeeet
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User Info: Sucka_T

6 years ago#6
no, they won't change anything (apart from hd-ing it)

which is cool because I really hate online gaming
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User Info: este914

6 years ago#7
Not even online, I would just like to play with another friend in my own living room. Split screen style, yea
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