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What has Resident Evil 4 taught us?

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User Info: Necrospike

5 years ago#1
Any shotgun can be reloaded with 2 shells.

Small fences can't be scaled. You must use a gate.

You can fall as far as you want, provided you're next to a ladder.
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User Info: Guirec730

5 years ago#2
She'll always duck.

Tell them to send the next most dangerous.

User Info: JascoD

5 years ago#3
Never question why a stranger follows you and buys/sells stuff to you.
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User Info: BiohazzardDude

5 years ago#4
Its better than re6
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User Info: Ze_Po1ar_Bear

5 years ago#5
An old man's penis can kill. (Louis' death)
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User Info: Super Creatures

Super Creatures
5 years ago#6
Guirec730 posted...
She'll always duck.


Not always.
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User Info: Lovethepython

5 years ago#7
Guns not just about shootin'. They're about reloadin'.
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User Info: MRevelle83

5 years ago#8
That a white man killing Spaniards isn't racist while Africans is?


User Info: DAH_Joe

5 years ago#9
Birds carry ammunition and sacks of gold.

People leave valuables all over the place.

Chickens do in fact lay golden eggs.
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User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#10
Necrospike posted...
Small fences can't be scaled. You must use a gate.

Small fences can definitely be scaled, and you're invulnerable while doing so.

In fact, if you climb over while a Ganado's climbing over from the other side, you'll pass right through each other.
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