Gulp Worm and the Lighter

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User Info: Veraxulous

5 years ago#11
Sjotyme posted...
I have made it to antarctica with Chris, but seem to have gotten stuck. I looked online to see what to do and it tells me that you need to kill the gulp worm to retrieve the lighter. Problem is, i ran away from it and can't seem to get back to the gulp worm. I dont have a lighter and i feel SOL. Can someone please tell me if there is a way to get back to the gulp worm from antarctica with Chris?

Lighter will not help you in Antarctica. Not even any bats to fend off with it. The lighter for Chris is used to obtain a pair of Sub-Machine Guns (the ones Steve used + a full clip). Bring the lighter to the save room just before the Gulp Worm and look for where to use it.

Everything you need to beat the game is ahead of you. Keep it up!

User Info: JoveHack

5 years ago#12
Veraxulous posted...
Sjotyme posted...Lighter will not help you in Antarctica. Not even any bats to fend off with it.!

I've often wondered if the lighter would help Claire vs the poisonous moths. Has anyone ever checked?
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