Item Grade & Res Stone Question

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User Info: gradstudent00

5 years ago#1
Is there a particular item grade that is better than the other? For example, are unique items > legacy items? Anyone know the exact item grade order?

legacy > unique > rare > uncommon > common ?

Also, for ressurection stones, I thought I could exchange legacy items for res stones from the vendor. So far, I have been very unnecessary in doing this. I have a lvl 10 legacy item that I cannot figure out how to exchange for res stones from the vendor.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

User Info: Code14715

5 years ago#2
Common < Uncommon < Legacy < Rare < Unique

Legacy and Rare are really similar in most cases, and it really comes down to the set bonuses. I might have Legacy/Rare mixed, but that's what I remember from the tip in the loading screen.

Legacy Items are sold for gold, and are purchased with resurrection stones. The value in the lower right corner is the purchase value, and the sell value is shown in the top left corner when selling the item. Don't bother purchasing Legacy items, as they aren't the best in the game.

As for which items are best, it depends on the set bonuses given. Uniques don't have set bonuses often, but Rare and Legacy usually do. For example, I had 2 Rare items that were part of a set, and the only pieces in that set. The bonus gave me +94 def. I had a unique item that was multiple levels higher, and because equipping that meant losing the 94 def, I stuck with the Rare items.

Also, keep in mind that upgrading Unique items is more expensive than Rare or Legacy, but there's a greater reward for doing so (stats will be boosted more), so, if I had upgraded that Unique item in that example, although unlikely, it is possible, that in conjunction with another Unique item, in the place of the other Rare item, that I'd get better stats by just upgrading the pieces a couple of times. That's due to set bonuses being set (no pun intended, I tried coming up with another word >.<) in stone.
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User Info: infinitexx

5 years ago#3
I'm pretty sure the loading screen lists Legacy over Rare. Which makes sense, they relatively equal stat-wise, but for Armor Legacy has the better stat bonus which sets them ahead.

Level 20 Rare and Legacy weapons are identical in my experience, unless the Rare has some additional ability (Wermot's 20% damage to airborne foes for example). The stat spread is different on Legacy Armor vs Rare Armor, but taking into account the set bonus Legacy is ahead.
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User Info: GwizAlch

5 years ago#4
infinitexx posted...
I'm pretty sure the loading screen lists Legacy over Rare.

Which is awkward considering they sell for less than the Rares.
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User Info: SuperGman

5 years ago#5
As far as the legacy items go, Can you find a set of legacy armor that includes all 5 pieces? I have broken thousands of pots now and the most I can seem to find is 2 pieces of a particular set. Just curious if my search is vain or not.
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User Info: TrueDozenMarks

5 years ago#6
Some sets ARE 2 pieces and that's it. I know I've equipped a Legacy Set and gotten the full bonus and the Achievement for a full set just from 2 pieces before.

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