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User Info: Orboch

5 years ago#1
I solo'd Pro last night, only had a couple challenging moments.

There are many people saying "such and such part is ridiculous hard" and the retort of "you suck at gamez!" I figured it doesn't hurt to toss my $0.02 in on how I tackled the game.

I used Lupo on Veteran, and Four Eyes on Professional. Having used Vector and Bertha in multiplayer, I have ideas for them as well.

Lupo--Max out her passives, and go for Super Soldier or Incendiary Rounds. I personally used Incendiary for the damage output, but I would think Super Soldier will help people who have difficulties with the "spies." As it was my first run, I only had limited $$, but I used Combat SMG on open areas and Pump-Action Shotgun in tight-quarters.

Four-Eyes was amazing on Professional. Attraction Pheromone; tag the Spec-Ops with that and let the zombies eat them! Or, group the zombies and toss a Frag in the middle. Makes MOST of the game pretty manageable. I did save up for the Samurai Edge (probably not necessary, the default pistol is good enough for zombies most of the time) and the Mob Special. Mob Special is fantastic...

So, my thought is that with Vector, doesn't Camoflage make a lot of the sections MUCH easier? Wouldn't Bertha have similar success using Painkiller?

I don't have any love for campaign Beltway or Spector, at least not yet, heh.

-Flamethrower destroys Hunters! I finally discovered this, and man does it make all the difference. Takes about 20-25 fuel to kill a Hunter on Professional, so you can kill 2 per pick-up, and ammo boxes restore fuel! Made the 4+ Hunters easier.
-Dive away from grenades. Usually, a dive will put you just outside of the blast radius.
-Flash grenade Spec-Ops to buy some time to light them up.
-If you have to take cover, try using the pistol to blind-fire and take slow, aimed shots.
-If you are pinned down to a degree, and your teammates get infected, let them turn. They'll run to you, and you can drop them point-blank and resurrect them without moving far.
-Brutal kills + handgun can take out 8 or less zombies pretty effortlessly; saving your main gun's ammo.

If I'm not playing Four-Eyes on my S+ run, I'm going to consider using more weapons that cause Blood Frenzy; it's really great having the other factions kill each other and performing cleanup duties.

Single player is FAR from unplayable. This isn't Halo though. It's not Gears. It's not Left 4 Dead. I'm not saying it's a 10/10 game, but hopefully these tips can help people who want to form their own opinion and have trouble in the campaign!

User Info: Orboch

5 years ago#2
Extra, Boss related tips:


-Nicholai #1
This fight drove me crazy; he's running around inside a building sniping and grenading you, with intermissions from zombies. Grab the sniper from the chest or use the Mob Special. Takes some time, just make sure to dodge the grenades, and you can get some good shots in when he's aiming at your teammates.
-Nicholai #2
Take cover and shoot him while he's on the catwalk; he doesn't have MUCH cover, and he takes a few bullets, yes, but then he'll run off.
Both runs I stayed up at the ammo crate and sprayed bullets at Nemesis from an upstairs angle. Stay tucked around the corner when he starts spraying bullets, and keep an eye on the ramp on the right side (crimson heads will run up after you). Lupo set Tyrant on fire, Four-Eyes made the zombies swarm Nemesis. Took a little bit of time, but was pretty easy.
Actually used the Combat SMG over the Mob Special for the improved accuracy, but just unload rounds into their faces. Try to keep tabs on which one drops first, so you can drop him first. Keep maybe 20 feet away, when he jumps or charges, dive forward at about 30 degree angles, and you'll be able to kite them without getting hurt.
Shoot all 4 barrels and 3 of the 4 closest mines before you run down. Grab the First Aid Spray before running down, and it's likely you'll beat it the first attempt. As soon as Ada stops shooting (and begins her grenade throw animation) you can pull off the cover, and move up one cover. If you time it right, you take cover before getting shot. If you're close, you'll take 1 bullet. Blind fire to shoot the next mines to afford yourself more space. When you get towards the end, you can blind fire the two mines on the far left, and on her next grenade throw, run and dive to where those mines were. A cutscene hits and she'll run off, but her grenade is still lethal (hence you need to dive to avoid it). If your health gets to 40% or so, use the Spray.
-Leon/Claire Trainyard
I bet Bertha/Vector can rock this part. When you get to the mine-field, shoot as many as you can before you move in too much and start the battle. When it does start, Spec-Ops up top need to die. Cover/blind-fire. Then Claire needs to take some damage to get her to run off. Once Leon's atop the building, my first run I sniped him about 10 times or so in the head and he runs off. Endless zombie swarm, and several crimson heads later, I rushed the ladder. What I tried with Four-Eyes is wait for Leon to aim elsewhere or reload, then rush the Spec-Ops ladder! Pheromone to distract the zombies, or even better, get them on the Spec-Ops. Once you hit the ladder, cut-scene starts and you survive even if Spec-Ops are shooting at you. I would imagine Bertha and Vector can make that run much more easily than anyone else.
I killed Leon with Lupo on Veteran, and saved him on Professional with Four-eyes. Leon is a damage sink, unfortunately, but with grenades and the grenade launcher, you can get him in a cycle of knockdowns which makes things MUCH easier. I also put a few rounds through a sniper rifle from the left side, and if you're positioned right, his grenades will hit the chain fence and never land close enough to hit you.

User Info: Brendy_Boy

5 years ago#3
I've done almost all of the game solo professional. For the nicholai fights, the first one I just chucked grenades into the window he was in until he died. For the second time you see him, I just ignored him and ran around with painkiller until I finished the EMP placements, ending the level.
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User Info: Sparda1313

5 years ago#4
Vectors camouflage isn't that useful, if for any reason a spec ops soldier hits you then they will always know your position, even if you run off, hide for a bit and come back they will see you provided it is still active. Leon can see you no matter what, and since he cant be executed it doesn't help much anyway, and im pretty sure the other bosses can see you as well. The only time it really helps is if you can sneak behind the spec ops without getting hit, you need to revive someone or if you want to sneak through the train yard.
Gt: Sparda1313
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User Info: Black_Moon

5 years ago#5
Nice tip about the flamethrower, but here's some more for completions sake.

Go spectre at least once on every map, there's lots of data all around and once you know the locations, it racks up tons of xp in the end.

In the Nicholai/power plant fight, the spec ops only come when somebody pushes the button to raise a generator. They all come from one doorway per generator. First one can be chucked full of nades solo, but the rest require a bit of teamwork to kill them all in one blast. It's also not a bad idea to clear all the spec ops and rest a moment between generators, as they do not respawn like zombies.

bug fix: If you are cooping the double tyrant fight and only one tyrant appears, the game bugged for non-hosts. The host player has the 2nd tyrant bugged nearby and can kill it, but it only completes the level for him, leaving the rest bugged in the boss area. Kill and grenade yourselves to restart the fight and fix it for whoever got stuck.

Bertha's cure infection at its max level is a huge help during BOW attacks, one dose kills a licker on professional alone.

Blood frenzy is all-around big help after the first level, but it is almost vital in the Leon/trainyard final ladder part. The wooden fence next to the container is a good spot to shoot from. Leon can't hit with his sniper and spec ops in the other side can't either. Also all the grenades explode harmlessly on the other side, removing the need to move from cover. Only downside is, that if you don't act fast and blood frenzy 1-3 spec ops quick, you will be swarmed by the incoming crimson heads. If you did manage to frenzy them though, the crimsons will break the gate and keep the ops busy enough to walk to the ladder and start the final fight.

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