No local/coop/offline?

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User Info: ArcAngel6903

6 years ago#1

User Info: _Burnt_USS_

6 years ago#2
just do what i had to do when i was younger buy another ps3 or xbox 360 and play online together.
The Outbreak series were the best

User Info: Masahiro_Fuji

6 years ago#3
I agree. Seems like no one cares about local co op anymore. Everything's online. Disappointment.


The first line reads as follows:

Game can be played alone, but your team mates will be AI controlled if not controlled by another human

Does that mean local co op or is it just referring to online play? Just a thought.

User Info: Locomotor

6 years ago#4
I remember Dengeki magazine confirmed offline singleplayer with... ehh... 3 AI controlled characters.
*has terrible Outbreak AI flashbacks*
Cammy White for MvC3 DLC.

User Info: the_jimster_1

6 years ago#5

I bloody well hope they put Offline Co-op in there, there aretoo many games that areonly online multiplayerbased and not local as well, its just as fun if not more fun when you playing a game with someone sat next to you.

Main reasons forOffline Co-op arebecause of the lagging which can ruin games, and alot of people don't get great internet connections either and like i said its just fun having someone in the room with you when ya playing games instead of taking turns because you cant play together.

They had it in the last resident Evil so they shouldn't have any reason not to do it on this one but there is still plenty on time to get it in there if they havent already.

User Info: UltimateBohab

6 years ago#6

if you ask me this game looks like its going to be alot like outbreak!

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