best weapon for multiplayer

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User Info: 4thumbsthierry

5 years ago#1
what do you think the best weapon for multiplayer is. bought the game today ( released today in europe). and i was always beeing killed fast by other people. i like the game, i'm a resident evil fan al the way. only in multiplayer i wanted a mode that you only had to fight zombies and b.o.w with one team ( no 2 teams versus). maybe for dlc. anyone know what the spec ops dlc is??

User Info: StrangerSirKai

5 years ago#2
Juggernaut or the Hammer. No contest.

User Info: TheBlueDeath

5 years ago#3
StrangerSirKai posted...
Juggernaut or the Hammer. No contest.

Glad I am that there is no top tier weapon.

Riot Shotgun does just as good as the juggernaut with superior damage.

Cowboy Shotgun rules CQC if you have the aim for it.

Hammer is the strongest AR but lacks accuracy so other rifles outperform it at longer ranges.
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User Info: insanekyo

5 years ago#4
Samurai Edge is the best handgun IMO.

User Info: dead_assassin

5 years ago#5
I was having trouble killing people but then I started using the Juggernaut and killed 5 people in a row my first match using it. So Juggernaut, hands down IMO.
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User Info: Inkontrol

5 years ago#6
I prefer the Advanced SMG. The Juggernaut is also very solid. - my media twitter (movies, tv shows, music, gaming)

User Info: thierminator

5 years ago#7
i took the hammer. good gun, not much ammo. another question how come some guys have much more health? sorry complete noob in multiplayer.

User Info: Inkontrol

5 years ago#8
Their are several ways that it may SEEM like opponents have more health. In Heroes mode all Heroes have like 2 or 3x more health. Bertha/Medic has a skill called Painkiller that reduces damage done to her. Lupo/Dee-Ay have a passive skill that reduces damage to them as well as an active skill Super Soldier that allows them invulenerability from a few attacks before they take damage. Thats just a few ways where it seems that enemies are outliving you. - my media twitter (movies, tv shows, music, gaming)

User Info: TheZodiark

5 years ago#9
Heavy Machine Gun!!
Without me, it'll just be aweso. (:

User Info: artorius6

5 years ago#10
One of the big reason's why it seems like your dying fast and they're not, is the number of rounds hitting you in the head. My only gripe with the mp thus far (because as it was mentioned, some weapons perform better in different situations) is that it takes way too many rounds to kill someone when aiming center mass even if you have a powerful weapon. Since the game still has some bugs, or at least I've experienced some problems with consistency, aiming for the head constantly can be a pain with how slow the camera moves in comparison to people who use zig-zag tactics when you're at that sweet spot, not close enough for cqc (I don't know why they choose to call it that) but just far enough where you're getting into too lengthy of a fire-fight.

I've gotten a decent kill streak going with different weapons, but the fact that they force you to aim for the head of everything in the game to do noticeable damage is a little extreme. Oh! And grenades are you're friends! A well placed explosive will trump anything mentioned thus far!

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